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William Patterson

Freelance Technical Writer & Writer

Location:Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States
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318 SW 35th Avenue, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442
(954) 415-4408

Thirty years of experience in the research and development of hardware and software documentation for commercial and U.S. Government customers. Extensive experience in large-scale documentation project management. Skilled in all phases of the publications development process, from model design through final delivery. Skilled computer user with demonstrated experience using PCs and client server networks. Have written electronic theory to the component level. Experienced in the design and preparation of online help screens and related end user documentation including the use of html to facilitate document migration to World Wide Web.

FrameMaker; MS Word, MS Excel, IslandDraw; RoboHelp; FrontPage; Visio; PowerPoint; Full Shot; UNIX operating systems; UNIX SVR4.2; UnixWare; X-Windows (OPEN LOOK and Motif); UNIX vi; UNIX xcip; mm macros; nroff and troff; TextManager; AT&T 630/730 terminals; Sun SPARCstation; PC LAN; TCP/IP networks; DOS.

January 2002 – Present INFORMATION DEVELOPER
IBM; Boca Raton, Florida (formerly Ascential Software Inc.)
Write end user documentation used to support the IBM family of Electronic Data Integration (EDI) products. As the sole writer assigned to the IBM DataStage TX Industry Solutions team, created new user reference guides for the SWIFT and SWIFTNet funds family of EDI financial products. Researched and developed documentation by working with both on-site and remotely located development teams. Performed two complete rebranding efforts of all Industry Solutions hard copy and online documentation within a one year period while simultaneously incorporating extensive content enhancements. Participated in a major product rebranding and conversion effort that involved converting FrameMaker documentation into Darwinian Information Typing Architecture (DITA), an IBM standard, using Epic Editor Version 5.0B. It also involved creating a single source help system based upon the IBM information center concept. The position also involves preparation of product readmes, and release notes, participation in design reviews, and detailed project planning and tracking. All documentation is developed using the Agile process. Responsible for maintaining an online information center that includes all IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender products. Maintain source and deliverable files in Clearcase V7.0. Manage defects using Rational ClearQuest.

Prior to IBM acquisition of Ascential Software Corporation in May of 2005:
Participated in MSWord to FrameMaker conversion effort, including coordination of training and mentoring of other writers. Performed major updates of the Ascential Industry Solutions Packs for Healthcare (including updated HIPAA standards); Packs for the X12 and EDIFACT standards; and the Commerce Manager documentation sets. Updates included complete product rebranding and incorporation of new styles, formats, and templates. Made a major update to the Ascential “Type Tree Importer Reference Guide” to include a new XML Schema Importer as well as other document upgrades for the 6.5.2 release of Ascential Integration Broker. Documents were converted to PDF using Adobe Acrobat 5.0. Context sensitive help was created for the product using RoboHelp 2002. Screen shots were captured using Fullshot 6.0. Researched and developed the material through interviews with Ascential software developers and product managers. Attended design review meetings and took an active role in product design. Performed peer reviews of other writer’s work and edited documents. Worked closely with QA to ensure technical accuracy. Performed maintenance work on legacy documents. Changes were tracked throughout the development process using PVCS Tracker version 7.0.00.

Nortel Networks; Boca Raton, Florida
Wrote user documentation used to support Nortel Network’s Long Haul 4000 system. Wrote detailed troubleshooting and system operating procedures. Developed the “LH4000 Error Messages and Trouble Clearing” manual from scratch. Worked closely with Nortel Networks Customer Care field engineers and technicians to gather information for the documentation. Tested all documentation in a lab environment to ensure quality and accuracy. The position required great attention to detail in order to ensure the safety of operating personnel and to prevent equipment damage. Wrote detailed safety sections and prepared a detailed comprehensive index for the twelve-volume documentation suite. The documentation was written using FrameMaker 5.5 and screen shots were imported using Snag-It. The final FrameMaker documents were converted to PDF for delivery to the customer.

January 1999 – January 2001 DOCUMENTATION MANAGER
Daleen Technologies Inc.; Boca Raton, Florida
Documentation manager in charge of five documentation engineers, including one translator. Planned, organized, and wrote end user documentation for Daleen’s BillPlex Billing and Customer Care Solutions product. Worked closely with the Senior Product Manager to establish documentation schedules. Supervised documentation team by assigning tasks, conducting regular status meetings, and editing and approving work. Interviewed and hired staff. Conducted performance reviews, and handled employee relationship issues as they arose. Attended design review meetings and worked with software developers to improve product design. Set documentation standards and spearheaded a successful effort to create and implement corporate styles and documentation processes. Supervised and helped to produce both printed and electronic format documents. Printed documents were created using FrameMaker 5.5. The Winhelp online help system was created using Microsoft Word and RoboHelp Office 2000. Wrote a winning proposal to single-source the documentation using Quadralay’s WebWorks 2000. When fully implemented, this application would allow the department to create all documentation using FrameMaker and would result in a significant savings to the company.

June 1998 – December 1998 SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER
Under Contract To: AT&T Solutions; Florham Park, New Jersey
Wrote and maintained documentation for an automated customer support system used by the AT&T Network Solutions Global Support Center (GCSC). This system allowed users to create and submit trouble tickets related to their telecommunication network problems and to perform a variety of service provisioning activities, including Service Level Agreement (SLA) management, defect tracking, and asset management. The documentation was written using Microsoft Word, then converted to HTML using a conversion program called MS Transit. The position involved extensive interface with software developers and testers in order to update the material for each release as well as a working knowledge of HTML.

Under Contract To: Lucent Technologies (formerly Bell Laboratories); Whippany, New Jersey
Developed major publication update for the Lucent Technologies DIXI-3 Cross-Connect and Interconnect Reference Manual. This project involved extensive re-work of both text and graphics. Text was prepared using FrameMaker on a Sun workstation. Graphic changes were made using IslandDraw. Technical input was gathered via interface with Lucent engineers and technical staff. Also updated the Lucent 800/900 Series Cross-Connect and Interconnect Reference Guide. To do this, existing UNIX troff documents were converted into FrameMaker. Developed new FrameMaker templates. Made extensive changes to existing artwork, as well as created new artwork using IslandDraw.

November 1993 - April 1996 SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER
Under Contract To: J.P. Morgan Guaranty Trust Company; New York, New York
Developed a programmer's reference manual for the J.P. Morgan API (Application Program Interface). This interface consists of routines, all written in ANSI C, which standardize data management and task implementation. Developed book plan, outline, and prototype document. Designed format and document templates. The book was written entirely from information gathered from programmers. Solely responsible for maintaining documentation schedule, all writing, editing, and final production. Document was written on a Sun SPARCstation using FrameMaker. Developed reference guides for the J.P. Morgan Galaxy library. These guides were written in FrameMaker on Macintosh. Also wrote a programmer’s reference guide for the J.P. Morgan CASS II application using FrameMaker on Sun and performed many upgrades to the J.P. Morgan Galaxy library.

June 1993 - November 1993 SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER
Under Contract To: Novell (UNIX System Laboratories); Summit, New Jersey
Developed a user's guide for WABI (Window Application Binary Interface), an application which allows users to run MS Windows applications from a UNIX operating system. The user interface for the application was the X Window System with Motif. Responsible for preparing documentation schedules and developing format. Wrote text and used imported FrameMaker screen captures to illustrate the document. Worked closely with engineers, developers, and marketing managers to research and prepare the material. The documentation was prepared on an X terminal using FrameMaker. Also, performed application testing of MS Windows applications to ensure compatibility with UNIX SVR4.2.

September 1991 - June 1993 SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER
Under Contract To: AT&T Bell Laboratories; Middletown, New Jersey
Developed user guides for "Transport Service Now" (TSNOW), a UNIX based platform which integrated existing telecommunications systems to streamline the transport order implementation process. The user interface for the platform was a SUN workstation, running the Centralized Access to Data (CADS) software with OPEN LOOK. Prepared a three volume documentation set to accommodate the varied user requirements of work center technicians, managers, and system administrators. Served as project documentation manager and worked closely with Bell Labs system engineers and developers to research and develop raw technical data. Performed extensive application testing to ensure documentation accuracy. Documentation was prepared on a Sun SPARCstation using FrameMaker. Position also required extensive use of UNIX vi text editor with mm macros, nroff/troff and xcip graphics.

March 1991 - June 1991 SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER
Under Contract To: AT&T Bell Laboratories; Freehold, New Jersey
Developed a two volume, Input/Output Message Manual (IOMM) for the DACS III 2000 (Digital Access Cross Connect System) being developed by Bell Laboratories for AT&T commercial customers. The material was prepared using UNIX vi (troff) on a Sun workstation operating in OpenWindows version 2.

January 1991 - March 1991 SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER
Under Contract To: AEL; Farmingdale, New Jersey
Developed modification work package for the HH-60 helicopter. Worked closely with AEL mechanical and electrical designers and engineers to develop the material. The documentation was developed in accordance with MIL-D-81992A, and MIL-M-81927B.

August 1990 - January 1991 SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER
Under Contract To: Symtron Systems Inc.; Fair Lawn, New Jersey
Developed troubleshooting and maintenance chapters for the Symtron Systems Recruit Fire Fighting Trainer 19F5 in support of U.S. Navy contract. The equipment was a state-of-the-art, computer controlled, live fire training simulator. The documentation effort involved preparing text and artwork by reviewing engineering prints and schematic diagrams, as well as interfacing directly with Symtron engineers and technicians.

May 1990 - August 1990 SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER
Under Contract To: SAIC; McLean, Virginia
Wrote user documentation for an image processing system developed by SAIC for a U.S. Government customer. Researched and prepared the documentation by performing extensive software testing and interfacing directly with SAIC engineering and development personnel.

February 1989 - May 1990 SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER
Under Contract To: Boeing Computer Services; Vienna, Virginia
Developed commercial user guides for new Federal Telecommunications System (FTS2000) in support of Boeing contract with AT&T. Project lead writer for the FTS2000 Service Orders application. Met regularly with Boeing engineers and managers to assess program progress and plan documentation delivery schedules. Performed system testing to ensure document accuracy.

November 1987 - February 1989 SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER
Under Contract To: E-Systems; Falls Church, Virginia
Developed technical manuals for airborne signal analysis equipment in support of U.S. Air Force contracts. Documentation was prepared in accordance with MIL-M-38797; MIL-M-38798B; MIL-M-38784B; and MIL-M-6675B (USAF).

April 1987 - November 1987 SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER
Under Contract To: Martin Marietta Corporation; Baltimore, Maryland
Developed in-house training materials in support of the Patriot missile program.

July 1986 - April 1987 SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER
Under Contract To: Westinghouse Corporation; Hunt Valley, Maryland
Prepared a technical manual for a Microprocessor-based Rod Position Indication System (MRPI).

September 1985 - July 1986 SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER
Under Contract To: Martin Marietta Corporation; Baltimore, Maryland
Wrote Maintenance Requirement Cards (MRCs) for the U.S. Navy in support of the Vertical Launching System (VLS). Documentation was prepared using MIL-P-24534.

May 1983 - September 1985 TECHNICAL WRITER
Sperry Defense Electronics; Great Neck, New York
Researched and developed technical manuals for U.S. Government electronics programs.

February 1982 - May 1983 TECHNICAL WRITER
Fairchild Weston Corporation; Sarasota, Florida
Developed technical manuals for high speed data recording equipment.

August 1980 - February 1982 TECHNICAL WRITER
Rochester Instrument Systems; Rochester, New York
Developed technical manuals for process control industrial equipment.

June 1979 - August 1980 TECHNICAL WRITER
VSE Corporation; Alexandria, Virginia
Prepared organizational and depot level maintenance manuals in support of U.S. Army contracts.

September 1977 - June 1979 ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); Quantico, Virginia
Performed preventive and corrective maintenance of television network within the FBI training facility.

February 1975 - September 1977 ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN
M&W Home Appliance; Winterset, Iowa
Repaired television and stereo equipment.

Technical writing course; Northern Virginia Community College (1979)
Electronics technology course; Bell & Howell (1975)
Electronics technology course; Brown Institute; Minneapolis, MN (1974
One year electronics course; United Electronics Institute; West Des Moines, IA (1973)
Graduated, Winterset Community High School, Winterset, IA (1972)
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