Freelance Banner Designer, Logo Designer, & More

Location:Athens, Attica, Greece
4 Skills
Hi all...
First of all let me say that i am supporter of The Venus Project and of the Resource Based Economy.
I would like to do what i do for Free, but unfortunately in this mess of a world that we live in, i am not able to do that.
Other than that, i am a Freelancer for graphic designs, logos, cartooning, t-shirts, any anything else on that line, that is on 2D graphic art.
I have 20+ years experience on cartooning. illustrations, and 2D traditional cartoon animation, but not professional for all his time.
Also i am a vegan, with intent to move to more Raw Vegan, and i am promoting the Vegan and Raw Vegan diet.. (any Dr. Morse fans here?? ;)

Best Wishes to all out there.