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Annika Ray Darling

Freelance Article Writer & Blog Writer

Location:Portland, Oregon, United States
Phone: 8284078192
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Annika Ray Darling


Energetic and dependable. Solid communication and leadership abilities. Extraordinary writing and editing skills. Academic background in journalism with experience in marketing and PR. Professionally committed and responsible. Adapt easily to new situations. Can successfully handle a wide range of functions using a combination of creative, organizational, and writing skills. Maintain focus in demanding work environments, under deadline and pressure conditions. Meet challenges head-on and always find a way to effectively complete multiple assignments or tasks.



•Writing: Professional writer for over 8 years, with experience in magazine, newspaper, online and business writing. Author of 100s of articles (be it website content, blogs, journalistic pieces, etc.), as well as writer of uncountable advertorials, copy and product descriptions for various businesses.

•Editing: Editor of two electronic newsletters, various corporate and business materials (including reports, white papers, and brochures) and one organizational newsletter. Experienced in copyediting, content editing, and proofreading.

•Business and Corporate Writing: Developer, writer, editor and designer of a wide range of business materials, including brochures, newsletters, and annual reports.

•Computer, Internet, and Desktop Publishing Skills: Webmaster for the Great Writings Page ( Familiar with HTML, VTML, and java. Familiar with several desktop publishing programs for both electronic and print publishing. Proficient in Word, Excel, Wordpress, InDesign, Photoshop, Powerpoint. Work in PC and Mac environments. Versed in social media, online PR, reputation management/brand monitoring, and SEO.


Freelance Writer, Current
-Write content, copy, and various journalistic articles for a variety of publications and businesses, including: The Space Reporter, CT Latino News, The Potrero View, Corning Airport, Nabacar, The Rich List, Red Hot 40. (See portfolio for ecamples)
-Exercise flexibility in writing styles and adapting to different platforms.
-Implement self-editing skills

Publications Manager, Better World Club 2014-2015
-Write semi-monthly newsletter, tackling current political and environmental issues.
-Oversee all matters of publication: emails, press releases, blog, web content, etc.
-Write and manage secondary newsletter regarding transportation topics.

Content Director and Contributor, Luxury Living 2012-2013
-Create original online content for numerous sites.
-Brand and reputation monitoring.
-Oversee layout and aesthetics.

Editor, 2009-2012
-Manage content for online newspaper.
-Work on deadline and on hard hitting news stories.
-Seek out local stories and ideas and assign writers and photographers.

Marketing Assistant, Synergy Events (Seasonal - 3 seasons)
-Worked on organizing numerous large scale events.
-Utilized various computer skills to design, and develop marketing tools.
-Showcased extraordinary copywriting, organizational, and proofreading skills.

Editorial Assistant, Scene Magazine 2010-2012
-Assisted in day to day activities of running a monthly magazine.
-Assisted during photo shoots in the field; contacting talent and relaying information.
-Proofreading/editing consistent with AP style.

Assistant Director, Red House Art Gallery 2009
-High end art sales.
-Designed marketing strategies.
-Engaged the community with marketing techniques; CTA’s, emails, press releases, etc.

Correspondent, Bay Area News Bureau 2007-2009
-Researched and wrote a variety of stories; covering events and issues affecting the communities in the bay area.
-Exercised verbal and written communication skills.
-Worked among and with people in the community on a daily basis.

2012 Mediabistro - Copywriting Certificate
2007 San Francisco State University - Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Bachelor of Arts in Dance
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