Gav Grieves

Freelance Graphic Designer & Logo Designer

Location:Washington, United Kingdom
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Personal Information
Gavin Grieves
3 Simonburn, Oxclose, Washington,
Tyne & Wear NE38 0NJ
0191 417 0870 | 07739 342 434
DOB: 21.04.79/33 years old
NI No: JP 05 33 38 C
Full Clean Driving License since 2000

Professional Experience
I worked at Lord Lawson of Beamish School in Birtley for the first 5 years of my career, mainly designing flyers, posters, tickets, maps and prospectus. During this time I also managed a small Design Print Studio within the school providing a design service to small
companies and the general public in the local area producing business stationery, promotional ************* and other print related material.
Whilst working there I established a Limited company called 3G Design creating a client base which included Natwest, Stereo, Woolworths, Birtley Town FC and Kenton School. In August 2005 I progressed onto Kenton School, the fifth biggest comprehensive in the country where I stayed for a very successful 3 years, mainly doing similar projects as Lord Lawson but to a wider audience. During this period 3G Design closed for business, however I still undertake a small amount of freelance work designing logos, web banners and invitations amongst other things.
Then in August 2008 I became an employee of Newcastle United Football Club and am currently in my fifth year at the club. I am heavily retail based designing POS, store windows, adverts, web material and catalogues and am also involved in most marketing campaigns.
During my 12 years as a Graphic Designer, I have been lucky enough to have held positions where the range of design material has been immense and ideas have been my own. Whilst at NUFC I designed the company guidelines, retail POS, shop window graphics, billboard posters, catalogues, web graphics
such as adverts, banners and buttons. Programme adverts, hospitality brochures, the current season card, membership packs, calendars and T-shirts.
In my previous positions I have also enjoyed designing night club flyers, posters for Natwest and Woolworths, corporate identity and for many small companies, matchday programmes for Birtley Town FC, new logos, logo re-draws and modernising for FRO,
wedding stationery, yearbooks, school prospectus’, planners and invitations.
In addition to these I have also produced newsletters, CD artwork, certificates, digital photography, photographic restoration, maps, menus, greeting’s cards and illustrations.

I have always had a passion for Graphic Design which was realised at the age of just 14 at Lord Lawson of Beamish School in Birtley, Gateshead. Since then I have always worked on Apple Mac computers.
Design Applications
I started using Photoshop, Freehand and Word at school, and developed a very brief knowledge of these at college. A mature level was obtained in these programmes during my degree along with a very good knowledge of Quark and Illustrator.
I learned how to use InDesign whilst working in the Design Studio at Lord Lawson and I completed a short course in Dreamweaver and Power Point when I started my company in 2004. Due to these skills I was able to successfully develop websites for my own company and a company called Illumini Learning. I also familiarised myself with the advantages of using PDF file formats through Acrobat whilst using various different printers in the region.
My skills and ideas have developed effectively in these programs but in my current role I principally use Photoshop, Illustrator and Quark. I have good Pre-Print experience working with NE Display, NB Group and JonSigns. I have 17 years experience in Mac OS and am also familiar with the Windows setup. I have a G5 Power Mac with 10.5 Leopard at home and the new 10.8 Lion at NUFC.
Design Attributes
Combining your dream job with your favourite hobby only fuels the passion I already had for Graphic Design before I started at NUFC.
I have always been a particularly efficient person, and learned during college that being efficient and organised brings extra quality to your work.
Throughout my degree I developed a keen eye for detail and enjoy producing original ideas and creative design solutions.
‘Creative Design Solutions’ then became the moto for 3G Design Ltd, which was my company name when I branched out in 2004.
Dealing with clients such as Natwest, Woolworths, Senior Management Teams in two very successful comprehensive schools as well as a ‘wee’ football club in the North East, have helped me develop a professionalism in my work. My portfolio displays a proven ability to produce attractive design outcomes at a sustained high standard.
Design Specialties
I am in my fifth year at NUFC and as a result I feel I am
stronger in certain aspects of Graphic Design. In my
current roll all of the ideas are my own, designing for various departments throughout the club. Hospitality, Memberships, Foundation, Marketing, Box Office but mainly for Retail, the official club stores and shop website. Therefore the majority of my work is various POS for the stores and online shop. This can range from A4-A1 posters, massive 2500mm high window posters and billboards to very small pixel based assets for the website. Although I do a lot of web adverts and campaigns most of my work is for print. In-house printing and out sourced material is extremely common in my current roll so I am familiar with both. I mainly only use 2 programmes, Photoshop and Quark with a little bit of Illustrator thrown into the mix. I am familiar with InDesign but Quark gets the nod mainly because it was what I was trained in and it is the chosen program with printers I have used in
past positions.
Personal Qualities
Firstly, I find myself very lucky to be doing a hobby as a job and have a great desire to succeed. To be successful in my career I am impeccably punctual and well organised which brings many benefits to my work life as well as my private life.
I can never be faulted in my dedication to the job I love and always put 100% into any task or design assignment that I undertake.
I like to think of myself as one of the lads and a bit of a joker. I have a cracking sense of humour and enjoy making people laugh. I got married in 2011 and I am an extremely loyal and honest husband to my wife Sarah. I am a very hard working individual who loves to win, whether it be at work, on a Sunday morning football pitch or thumb wrestling with the wife.
Hobbies & Interests
My Mother once told me to find something I like doing and I’d never work a day in my life. I have found that to be true so I’m not going to count my profession as a hobby, although it would be if I didn’t already do it 8 hours per day.
I am a very outgoing and sociable person, but amongst my other hobbies, the most important one to me is playing football. It could be a kick about, 5-a-side, or the very competitive Durham Sunday League but if I am not at work, I’ll probably be playing or watching football. I enjoy a good film, so I never miss a blockbuster. Sci-Fi and thrillers top my list of must see movies.
I enjoy reading books, mainly Sci-fi, thrillers and autobiographies and am a subscriber to Men’s Health magazine. We have 2 small dogs which are often walked. I love to keep myself fit. I own a multigym, I like to run and enjoy a good bike ride on top of all the football.
I also consider myself a bit of a chef when it comes to cooking and like to cook good healthy food. My chilli would give Stagg a run for it’s money and my Yorkshire pud’s rise higher than Aunt Bessy’s.
Employment History
Since graduating from Sunderland University in 2000,
I have held 4 Graphic Design positions in the past 12
• Lord Lawson of Beamish School - Graphic Designer
Aug 2000 - Aug 2005
• 3G Design Ltd - Self Employed
Jan 2004 - Jan 2006
• Kenton School - Graphic Designer
Aug 2005 - Aug 2008
• Newcastle United Football Club - Graphic Designer
Aug 2008 - present
Whilst studying at sixth form and throughout university I held number of part time positions to financially support my studies.
I have gained 3 different levels of qualification since
starting my educational back in 1990 at Lord Lawson of Beamish School in Birtley.
Primarily I gained 8 A-C grades at GCSE level, including Maths, English, Science and an A in Art & Design. At Sixth Form College in the same school I achieved a Distinction at GNVQ level in Art & Design and a C grade for ‘A’ Level Fashion Design.
Then in 1997 I went on to Sunderland University and graduated in 2000 with a BA(Hons) in Information Design.
Personal Statement
Ever since I was 14 years old I have aspired to be a
Graphic Designer. The passion I have now for a job I love stemmed right back to when I was a kid and loved drawing as much as I loved football.
To combine that passion with my passion for football was a dream come true 5 years ago when I landed a job at NUFC, probably the proudest day of my career... so far.
Unfortunately I feel my career has come to a stand still and has become somewhat limited. The lack of development opportunity in my current roll has lead me to hunt for a new challenge where I will be able to progress and continue to develop my ideas.
Although I am part of a team at NUFC, the team is not design related and I would relish the chance to be part of a design team or agency where ideas can progress and evolve through other designers input and knowledge. I feel I am at the stage in my career where I need to make the final leap of progression before I can settle into a roll and fulfil a childhood dream of being a designer at the top of his game.
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