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Dee McCluskey

Freelance Portrait Painter, Portrait Artist, & More

Location:West Point, Georgia, United States
Phone: 706-781-8131
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An unexplained drive within my soul and a force of Passion when I am painting sums up who I am. I love to be in the company of other artist, like a secret club for a band of Mavericks fleeing from the norm. My beliefs and following also run deep with the Holy Trinity. Yes, I am proud to be of the Hippie Days too , but like all generations, we all think ours was the best.
Best days of my life were in the North Georgia Mountains. Very artistic area. Great friends, great life. Economy forced a drastic move for jobs. Some good times, some bad, but I feel very positive about the rest of my life here on earth. Thankful for what I do have. I am determined to make a living with my artwork. Thank you for visiting. I wish you well, Dee McCluskey 2013