Jason Soderlund

Freelance Cartoonist, Children's Book Illustrator, & More

Location:Burnsville, Minnesota, United States
Phone: 651-278-8679
Website: http://www.thedailychainsaw.com
4 Skills
I have been a full time artist for the past 11 years. The majority of my income comes from chainsaw wood sculpture and can be seen at www.facebook.com/soderlundcustomsculpture. I also have a long history with 2D art and have illustrated both for monetized and personal projects. Over the past few years, I have blended my skills in the illustration arts, particularly with cartoon-based art and launched thedailychainsaw.com. My process typically starts off with a pencil for concept and outlines and finishes as a polished digital illustration.
Because of my background in visual arts, sculpture, and the marketing of both, I have had a LOT of opportunity to work with other collaborators as well as customers to bring a project from concept to completion. I am easy to work with, I love having fun, but when it comes to the creation process, I take what I do very seriously.
My rates are completely project-dependent. It is not fair to the customer or to the artist to charge a set rate per hour. Some projects take a lot of time and require lots of research. Some projects take 15 minutes and come off the top of the head.
Thanks for checking me out and I look forward to your projects!