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Becca T-R

Freelance Comic Artist & Graphic Novel Artist

Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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In addition to illustration, I am also interested in any finishing work projects may require, such as inking, colouring or lettering.

As a graduate from Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design's Illustration for sequential arts program, the formal training I received prepared me for a career as an illustrator. Their classes provided a strong base of fine art fundamentals in Life Drawing, Anatomy, Perspective, Animal drawing, Painting and Colour Theory. As well as training us specifically in the creation of comics, children’s books and other illustrated media. From scripting writing to layout, though penciling, inking and colouring, to lettering and preparing files for final print, all aspects of the process were covered. I excelled in my understanding of layout and design, perspective, figure drawing and any work involved in a digital medium. The school also put a strong emphasis on professionalism, and provided solid information on how to find work in our chosen careers.

My professional career began while I was still in school. In-between my second and third year I illustrated a thirteen page story for an anthology entitled Shards Tales from the Ruin Nation written by Alex Steacy. Upon graduating I self-published my own small preview comic, The Twisted Tale of a Tortured Raven, that I released at Fan-Expo Canada that year. Following that I began work on supernatural western comic called Sling, doing lettering and inking.The next project I was solicited for was to finish the Illustration for the 6th final issue of Freelance Blues This was a great honor as I had been a fan of the independently published series for a few years.As well I contributed four full colour pages for the professor elemental anthology issue 3. Throughout this time I have been working conventions, producing illustrating on commission and creating art prints to sell. Currently, I am doing all the illustration and graphic design for a strategy board game called Kaiju Conquest and I continue work on my own independent projects, the Sci-Fi graphic novels Bolts, my Steampunk horror comic The Twisted Tale of a Tortured Raven and my semi-autobiographical meta horror comic series Proxy. updates on my own work can be found at
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