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Shawn Saacke Crawford

Freelance Children's Book Writer, Poem Writer, & More

Location:Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States
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I am a stay at home mother of two sons, after teaching art for the past two decades, including high school and middle school and most recently, kindergarten through fourth grade, for a dozen years.

My experience with nurturing young artists' creative ideas and talents has given me rare insight about which types of books they love to read, and the illustrations they are drawn to. I have taught thousands of students over the years, but again and again they choose certain favorite books across-the-board.

I do not list a specific hourly rate because each individual project is unique to the specific client. We will discuss your budget and timeline to determine an estimate, but so far I have not lost a job because of price. I try my best to work out a fair payment agreement, making the finished project worthwhile for both myself and my client.

I prefer to approach each project collaboratively with my client, since ultimately, you have the final word in creative control. I will listen, suggest, elaborate, imagine and expand upon your ideas in order to capture the essence of the vision you alone have in your head, and hopefully end up with something even better than you imagined.

Each individual piece or page I create for you is an original work of art, because I still make art the old fashioned way -- by putting brush to canvas, or pencil to page. I find that using traditional tools rather than a computer keyboard gives your work the unique character which comes from being handmade.

I have finally stepped out in Faith to make it on my own as an artist and creative writer. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, along with a Masters in Art Education, which may very well explain my affinity for the written word as my latest expressive outlet. To me it's a lot like painting, just with language.Love it!

My favorite at the moment is writing for children in a lyrical fashion. This style takes more time and it is definitely more challenging, but I know for a fact that rhyming lines appeal to more children, and even aid in improving reading skills. Besides, Dr. Seuss is my literary hero.