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Chris Huffman

Freelance Ghostwriter & Music Producer

Location:Long Beach, California, United States
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Hello, my name is Christopher Huffman. I am an 18 year old high school graduate out of Long Beach Polytechnic class of 2012. During high school I took advantage of to showcase the music I make at any opportunity given. (Basketball games, benefit concerts, rally stage, etc.) Growing up I was considered a high achiever when displaying my talents. I do carry professional experience, because of my abilities, but because of my age I am motivated to work harder and progress to make it in the business world. I am very ambitious and excel when it comes to writing/recording music, also illustration and logo design. The most ideal job I see myself holding would be along the lines of music production. I have a very keen ear for music and I am a great lyricist. In the past I've worked with a number of great producers in the studio who took me under their wing to teach me the skills of producing. I now produce my own music and continue to seek exposure as I learn more within my craft.
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Music Production