Andrea Eskin

Freelance Book Cover Designer & Book Designer

Location:San Antonio, Texas, United States
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Writer, editor, and graphic designer with 30+ years of experience. Expert proofreader, researcher and fact-checker. Skilled typographer and production manager. Five years’ experience working with a printer/publisher formatting, designing, and editing books.

B.A. (English/Communications), and courses in Typography and Advertising Art

Writer – Business Publications (30 years)
Writer – Scholarly & Creative (30+ years)
Magazine Editor (2 years)
Newsletter Editor (25 years)
Graphic Designer/Typographer (20 years)
Book Manuscript Editor & Designer (10 years)

Laptop with 64-bit OS, 580 GB of memory
External hard drive with 2 TB of memory
Scanner, printer, digital cameras

Adobe Creative Suite – Cloud
Microsoft Office
Roxio CD Creator


1. Email a copy (ONLY a copy) of your manuscript to me in Microsoft Word. It does not have to be formatted, but if you have specific instructions on how you’d like it to be formatted, include those. Also include your contact information.

2. Since most people have Microsoft Office Suite on their computers, I use Microsoft Publisher to format the pages of your book. This makes it easy for you to make minor changes yourself. Most commercial printers and publishers will accept files in this format.

3. I will email a copy of the formatted book pages to you for approval. We can discuss any changes that need to be made by phone or email.

4. I will design the cover in Adobe Photoshop, and email it to you for approval. We can discuss any changes that need to be made by phone or email.

5. Once all of the changes are made, I will create a file that includes the entire book – pages and cover – and send it to you. If the file is less than 25 MB, I may be able to email it to you. If it’s larger than that, I will copy it to a CD and FedEx it to you. The size of the file will depend on how many images (photos, art, etc.) are contained in the book, including the cover.

NOTE: If you plan to self-publish the book, it’s a good idea to first find a local printer who can do the job. A good one will help you select the right kind of paper for the cover and inside of the book. Ask the printer how he would like the camera-ready (final) file submitted – by email or on a disk? -- and in what file format (original or PDF). Many printers have a site where you can upload large files instantly. Before the formatting and design is begun, please advise what the printer prefers, or you can provide me with his contact information so that I can discuss technical issues with him directly. I keep email records of every step so that everyone is up to date on the progress and specific tasks.
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