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Lisa Floyd

Freelance Mural Painter & Painter

Location:Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States
Phone: 336-351-2225
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Our family has created thousands of Murals / Faux Finish ~ Decorative Painting / Fine Art / Signs, & much more! (Trompe l'oeil our specialty & thrill!) All sizes, styles, mediums, & subjects (we can copy most images). We look forward to every mural with delight & anticipation, and, once complete, promote their business in every way we can! Since 1979 in CA. Serving the East Coast since 1988.

WINDOW PAINTING: Since 1979, we have painted signs on literally THOUSANDS of storefronts. In 6 months (May-Sept. '07) we painted signs on over 350 Wendy's in 22 states & had a ball doing it! We also painted 30-50 McDonald's every month for 2 years...and we recently did 200 Wendy's in 13 days. We work hard for you!

MURALS: Here's a partial list of the many things we offer. We often create "solutions" to needs that were seemingly impossible or cost-prohibitive!

* MURALS & FINE ART ~ Extensive variety of mediums, subjects, sizes, and surfaces!

* FAUX FINISH ~ Many effects (including wood, stone, brick, etc.! We've saved our clients thousands and in some places it wasn't possible to have the real surface.)

* PROJECTS ~ From HUGE (45,000 sq. ft. facility-something painted on nearly every wall) to small-but-mighty Focal Walls :-)
* SIGNS ~ Any logo, typeface, image, etc. by hand.

* Our passion is Trompe l'oeil (French for "to fool the eye") making painted, 2D objects seem they are really there! * Professional, Clean, & Fast ~ Most murals 1-3 days (our experienced team can produce A LOT in a day!) * Any image reproduced including logos (with permission). * Extra artwork always donated to non-profit organizations. * Extensive research (at no extra charge) ensuring every project is authentic and accurate.
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Mural Painting