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I currently write for a website called The website is all about the Cincinnati Bengals. I'm very knowledgeable about football in general and love to write/talk about it any way I can. Here is a quick resume.

Anthony Douglass
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Profile: I am a very diligent hard working person that excels in team environments but also have the ability to self motivate and can handle being left alone. Well versed dealing with people of all different backgrounds and culture and present myself as someone that’s easy to talk to and will listen attentively. I am also very well at taking constructive criticism that keeps an open mind and realize that you can’t be willing to learn until you are truly ready to listen. I’m looking for the opportunity to show my work ethics and show my willingness to move up in any company.

Work History:
1. Rent-A-Center(513) 351-2500- Feb. 6, 2010 - Feb. 1, 2011
• Position- Credit Manager.
• Duties- Call past due accounts, collect past due accounts, Plan day for customer account reps, time management of employees, interviewing, sales, telemarketing, showroom, deliveries/repairs, bank deposits, cash drawer audits, product ordering, shipping and receiving, vehicle check-ups, and driving the truck and van.

2. United States Army- April 1, 2008 – June 28, 2009
• Position- 92F/ Platoon Guide, Bay leader during training
• Duties- Keep track of a platoon of 60 soldiers 24hrs a day 7 days a week and lead them as a team. Made sure all duties were done on time and correctly the first time. I had to keep a very tight schedule at all times and also set up the guard duties. Made sure all weapons and gear was in the inventory 5 times a day. Tore the AC joint in my shoulder and broke my collar bone and was discharged a little after a year in.

3. Gas America(513) 988-0366- Oct. 2005 – July 2006
• Position- Cashier
• Duties- Customer service, store cleanliness, deposits, and audits.
• Other- This was my job while in the work program in my high school and I quit before I left for college.

4. Shelly’s 101 Flavors- May 2005 – Oct. 2005
• Position- Assistant Manager
• Duties- Scheduling, product ordering, and making sure everyone worked as a team.
• Other- My work program teacher made me quit because the owner was ripping me off money so I was only there a short time.

5. Market USA- September 2003 – August 2004
• Position- Team Sales Manager
• Duties- Running a team of 7 and making sure they hit sales goals and quotas. Telemarketing cold and hot leads, keeping team motivated and on task at all times. And was the youngest sales manager in their 10yr history.

6. Meijer(513) 420-3908 - August 2001 - May 2002
• Position- Cashier
• Duties- Customer service, money deposits, bagging groceries

1. Full Sail University- Winter Park, FL. (407) 679-6333- Oct. 2006 – Oct. 2007
• Major- Digital Media (web design, video/audio editing, marketing, asset design, 3D animation)
• Ran out of loans and was not able to graduate due to money, but couldn’t work because we were in school 50-60hrs a week not counting all the homework and our schedules changed a lot. We could have class at anytime 24hrs a day 7 days a week.
2. Edgewood High School- Trenton, OH. (513)867-7425
• Graduated class of 2005
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