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Dennis Robertson

Freelance Website Programmer & Database Expert

Location:Palm Beach County, Florida, United States
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I’ve been self-employed for over 15 years providing computer services, including website development and maintenance, analysis, custom programming, data and media work (conversion, extraction, creation).

- Focus on high quality and custom work
- Strong attention to detail, very thorough
- Committed to client satisfaction
- Good communication; work closely with clients
- Very dependable
- Easygoing, relaxed

Comments from clients:

“It’s a pleasure seeing someone who is interested in creating something great and is willing to put in the time and effort to do so.”

“A fantastic person to work with! Extremely knowledgeable and professional and I plan to do many more projects together. Highly recommended!”

“An outstanding individual who has performed exceptional service for us.”

“I have always felt that I got the best value from you ... thoroughness and professionalism (bordering on perfectionism) and the quality of communication ...”


Website design, implementation, maintenance
- creation of new sites
- redesign/rework of existing sites
- project scope can range from a site with just a few simple pages, to more complex sites and web applications

Other computer services: analysis, custom programming, data and media work (conversion, extraction, creation)

Website Development

Performed with strong attention to detail, and consideration for the various aspects of page rendering. By default, and by way of recommendation, there is a major focus on specific implementation that facilitates later changes and improvements (and reduces future maintenance costs).

Developed web pages closely follow accepted web standards, and this is the best and cost-efficient way to improve rendering accuracy in the various browsers.

Web pages are delivered with enhanced quality due to strong skills with:
- HTML5, CSS3, PHP5, Javascript
- Image and video work
- Animation and effects
- Database work
Experience with other aspects of website development, as well, can be utilized for specific client needs. And when necessary, with strong skills for learning web technology, an extensive variety of project needs can be accommodated, with quality results.

Recently completed projects make heavy use of HTML5 and CSS3, the latest web coding technology. Projects also involved:
- analysis and design
- prototypes for user interface and layout/design
- animation and effects
- photo/content slideshows (interactive and automatic)
- rotating text content (client testimonials)
- on-page popup/overlay content
- video
- in-page expandable content (hide/show)
- fluid (responsive) layout/design (pages adapt to different browser window sizes, down to mobile devices)
- download fonts
- page performance and load time (along with large amounts of image and video data in page content)
- social media sharing links
- very functional site when javascript is not enabled (including a slideshow and other animated effects)
- custom implementation
- collaboration with professional graphics designer

During development, clients have been provided with a development site that includes a unique and custom interface: easy-to-use page popups with options that affect the development site. This gives the client the ability, real-time, to try different colors, backgrounds, fonts, spacing, effects, and other variations related to graphics, images, animation, design, styling, and layout. Changes are immediately reflected on the development site, and are remembered.

Client comments regarding work performed:

"I have to tell you what a pleasure it is to work with someone so detail oriented and who does such great work. I'm very glad I found you. Thank you again for all your effort!"

"Mr. Robertson's assistance has been invaluable"

"Excellent! Very knowledgeable with a lot of attention to detail. Will definitely be working together again."

"true pleasure to work with ... responsive and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend!"

"Thank you again for such great work and thoroughness!!"

"I think you do a terrific job with your expertise and attention to detail"

"Fantastic job!!!! Thank you very much for all your hard work. The site came out beautiful!"

"I highly and unequivocally recommend Dennis Robertson to you for any technical role. I am sure you will appreciate his strong and varied capabilities, attention to detail, and calm and pleasant manner as much as I do."

"Wow!! This looks amazing. Wonderful job!!"

"I am continuing to get very positive feedback about the site."

"I think you did an excellent job with our website!"

"The site you've implemented is both flawless and a joy to administer. Thanks again!"

"I particularly wanted to thank you for how lovely the site looks."

"Honestly, your work is tremendous!"

"Great job as usual!"

"Mr. Robertson was able to make these significant contributions in such a short time because he interacts very well with others, actively listening and asking insightful questions to fully understand a process or issue. His oral and written skills are excellent, and his computer and technology application skills are outstanding."

"It has been my pleasure to work with Dennis Robertson. His work quality, efficiency and ethics are phenomenal, and I really appreciate all of the changes he made to improve the functioning and communication of this division."

"Dennis has a real knack for gaining insight into processes and documentation needs, probably because of his strong interpersonal and active listening skills, technological knowledge, and what I see as a gift at applying technology insightfully to workplace problems and needs. It really helps that he writes and speaks well, and has a confident calming personality that people intuitively trust. Simply put, he cares. People can sense that, making it easy to really explore a need or problem and develop and effective solution that meets everyone's needs."


Website development; Computer services

Website development: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, image and video work, animation and effects, database work
----- Custom programming
----- Data and media work (conversion, extraction, creation): Data/image/video conversion, image/video processing, reverse engineering and data extraction
----- Document scanning: High volume scanning and processing, OCR, editing
----- Recurring aspects: Clients have been mostly businesses and organizations
-- Trusted with client work which publicly reflects on the client
-- Trusted with clients' private, sensitive and critical data
-- Finding solutions to client needs and problems
-- Work with clients on time, money and technology tradeoffs
-- Clients are kept well-informed of progress and status
-- Learning new technology and software; internet research
-- Linux, OpenOffice, Gimp, shells/scripts/tools

Contract Programmer

Application software maintenance
----- Custom document scanning application
----- Recurring aspects: Trusted with client work which publicly reflected on the client
-- Found solutions to client needs and problems
-- Worked with client on time, money and technology tradeoffs
-- Kept client well-informed of progress and status
-- Needed to understand difficult and complex technical issues

Senior Associate Programmer

Operating system software development
----- Team leader
----- Software design, Software maintenance, Testing, Problem determination, Customer support, Defect prevention process, Training and education
----- Developing productivity tools (software), Document tag languages, Development process, Design documentation
----- Recurring aspects: Customers were mostly other companies
-- Trusted with a very critical piece of the operating system, which had serious and time-critical implications for clients
-- Worked with clients to resolve mission-critical problems
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Website Programming