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Gail Wince

Freelance Book Cover Designer & Logo Designer

Location:Kennesaw, Georgia, United States
Phone: 4049018965
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I just love drawing and creating art that allows me to be me. My most favorite past time has turned into a business of sales and more customers. I went to art school on a scholarship way back when wacom, mac, and all of the available software were not heard of. I made silk screen T-shirts for high school activity clubs, posters with paint etc. I even made a pirates head out of clay which turned out very nice., it was stolen by art teacher! It goes on and on, probably very similar stories to a few of you excelling artist out there in the art world. This will be five years of marketing and selling my stuff! I call it that because its really what I do, create good stuff that clients want for personal and business needs. It fits their atti-tuudz no matter what the request may be it all talks back on canvas, cards and painting. this is my world and I am still learing a lot from most of you out there. If you do not use your talent I believe you will lose it! So happy creating and let your spirit hand run free!
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Book Cover Design
Logo Design