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Article writing is one of my hobbies and I believe I will provide you with quality articles at a moderate price. I can guarantee you that I will aid you in passing on complex/complicated issues on to your audience in a simple and common manner while keeping it interesting and informative. I am a 22 years old, studying English literature at the University. Reach me at Below are links to samples of my articles and below these links are two handwritten essays showing what I am capable of.

Our main focus for today will be on Globus Tours 2011. To begin, we should know that Globus Tours is among the world's leading companies specialized in tour vacations round the world to places like; Africa, Canada, USA, South America, Australia and Europe. These tours are done by buses, trains and river. They include bus rides, train vacations, river cruise and tour cruise. They give you the opportunity to live and experience the wonders of the world like its dynamic cultures; beautiful landscapes and areas of attractions; customs and flavors round the globe. All that could be said is that Globus Tours gives a mouth watering experience to it clients such that they always ask for more.
Since our main focus is on the Globus tours for the year 2011 (this year) we shall be highlighting some of the regions that this tour will take you to. First of all note that the Globus Tour for this year (2011) will be one to remember as it will take you to places like;
*The tours will go to Europe and shall involve great cities like Paris, Venice, Athens and Rome. This tour will offer an immense opportunity for lovers of history, culture, adventure and sight seeing to explore the wonders of Europe. It shall involve great nations like Greece, England, Turkey, Italy, France and Israel. The tour will ensure visits to sites with rich cultures and remarkable features like: The statue of David and the st. Peters church in Rome Italy; The Acropolis in Athens Greece; The tower of Paris and the Tower of Pisa.
*This tour will also go to the South American continent to places like Costa Rica. Do not miss this opportunity to experience dancing, dinning, cuisine, culture and exotic adventures unique only to this area.
*The tour will take you to the USA and other North America countries like Canada. With Globus tours in these regions, you shall have the liberty to witness the National parks of the US and to visit great cities like Alaska blessed with history and culture.
*This tour will also go to Asia, where travelers will have a first class experience in the dynamic, classic and colorful Asian cultures like those of Japan. They shall also have the opportunity to visit renown world features found only in Asia.
*Australia will be on the tour's list of vacation sites. Here, the South pacific; Australia as a country and New Zealand will be visited.
*Last but not the least is the African continent. Here, GLobus Tours will take its clients to renown places in Africa known for their rich cultures, dynamism and multitude landmarks. Areas like the great parks of Kenya and the Savannahs of Tanzania will be visited.
To conclude, all that can be said is that Globus Tours 2011 will be a life time experience for all those who embark in it, leaving them speechless for words alone will not be sufficient to describe their experiences.

Nowadays, ******* are made from latex (rubber) and are used in the fight against STDs and unwanted pregnancies. Our main focus for today will be on answering the question “do ******* prevent STDs?" First, we shall look at what STDs are. STDs stands for ******** Transmittable diseases. These are diseases transmitted through ***. They are two types of STDs. They are;
-Those that are transmitted through body fluids involved in ****** intercourse (like *****) for example HIV/AIDS.
-Those that are transmitted by skin to skin contact during *** as the genitals touch. For example: Human Papillomavirus (HPV); Genital Herpes; Genital Warts and Cervical Cancer.
Back to our focus question "do ******* prevent STDs?" the answer is NO. ******* protect us against STDs to some extend (about 95%) thus can not be said to give us the maximum protection which this question implies. Below, are some reasons to support the notion that ******* do not give us maximum protection against STDs;
*As already seen, STDs like Genital Herpes and HPV are transmitted by means of skin to skin contact. This means ******* are highly infective in preventing such STDs, as they (*******) do not prevent skin to skin contact which is the capital means by which these STDs are spread. From this paragraph, we can conclude that ******* do not protect us against STDs completely.
*Some ******* are made to increase ****** stimulation not prevent diseases. Such ******* do not cover the ***** completely during ****** intercourse thus gives room for the exchange of body fluids. From this, we can conclude that ******* do not offer maximum protection against STDs.
*All ******* be it the best quality ones or the lowest quality ones have a failure rate of at least 2% in preventing STDs. This means, it is unwise for individuals to assume that they will get maximum (100%) protection from STDs when they use *******.
*STDs like HIV/AIDS that are transmitted by very minute viruses are able to pass through the webbings of latex ******* thus supporting the notion that maximum protection against STDs can not be offered by ******* alone.
*The quality, reliability and effectiveness of ******* depend on a number of fragile and unpredictable factors thus making them very unreliable for maximum protection against STDs. Some of these factors include: High temperatures (heat) quickly destroys ******* making them highly permeable; the use of some lubricants (like Vaseline) during ***, is highly discouraged as they can result in porous *******.
From the above factors, we can conclude with absolute certainty that ******* do not offer maximum protection against STDs. However, ****** active individuals are highly advised to use ******* in every ****** encounter as it has been proven scientifically that ******* greatly reduce the risk of them getting STDs. Thus ******* offer a protection against STDs up to 95%. For those wishing for 100% protection against STDs, the only means of achieving such is by abstinence.
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