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Arianna Folsom

Freelance Creative Writer & Website Designer

Location:Palm Bay, Florida, United States
Phone: 760-402-2160
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Name: Arianna Folsom
Age : 23
Date of Birth: Apr 22, 1988
Gender: Female
Address: 1167 Raywood St. SE, Palm Bay, FL, 32909

Nationality - United States

Phone 760-402-2160


Educational Level
Associate/2-Year Degree (currently in last semester)

Educational Goal: PhD in Nero-psychology, Psycho-analysis, and Criminal Psychology.

Career Level
Student (Undergraduate/Graduate)

Bilingual Ability:
Japanese Ability: Conversational level
Japanese Certification from Inter-Cultural Institute of Japan training program certificate
Professional Profile
Desired Positions and Industries,
News and Info, Freelance writing, Advertisement, Entertainment, Editorial, Publishing, Screenwriting, Marketing, Creative writing, Critique on a large variety of subjects.

Proofreading and Editing, Creative video editing such as music videos and commercials, All types of articles including Editorial, Critique, and Reporting on subjects such as Psychology in various areas, Sociology, Political matters, US-JAPAN relations, Child abuse, Child Development, Behaviorism, English Teaching as a Foreign Language (Japanese), Child Care, Cultural Anthropological theory, Creative writing (short stories, fictional books, and poetry), Persuasive writing, helping in such things as debates, advertisements, and other useful writing positions.


Published in 3 poetry books by submitting poems to various poetry contests.

Translated several advertisements and articles from Japanese to English as a Freelance writer in Japan.

Wrote a short article in a Japanese cosplayer magazine.

Edited websites and documented information as well as posted music and blog updates for several customers involved in music and non-profit organizations.

Participated in the GAP Year foreign exchange program in Japan, conversing with Jr. High School students to improve their English.

Musical Teaching Assistant at the Agua Dulce Preschool in California for 1 year.
Assisted the teaching staff of the Agua Dulce Preschool by helping individual students,
corrected assignments, and picked out musical pieces.

Experience - Volunteer English Teaching Assistant at the YWCA for over a year.
Served as a Counselor for children and adults with any issues they wished to talk about.
Served as an Assistant English Teacher for a class of 7 children ages 3-7. Helped to prepare English assignments and helped these children to finish these assignments in the classroom.
Devised lessons which included singing and dancing. Used flash cards to help children learn the English Alphabet.
Served in a Second class as an Assistant English Teacher of children aged 9-11. Assisted Teachers in the preparation of lessons for individual tutoring sessions.

Educational Specialty Courses
Completed several different credited and non-credited college courses in such subjects as News paper practicum, US-Japan relations, Behaviorism, Philosophy, Ethics, Logic, Persuasive writing, Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, and many other Psychology classes.

Interests and a little about myself
I love to do such things as movie editing as to make music videos, debating on controversial matters, new technology, gaming, studying Japanese, creative writing, philosophical and psychological research articles and debates. I am particularly interested in matters of the human brain, and I have personally counseled many of my friends with personal matters of love, life, and many other personal matters which have given me insight and theories of my own on psychology and psycho-analysis. I believe strongly in the power we can have over our own minds and thus created theories and beliefs on how we can possibly manipulate our emotions using Nero-psychology. This is why I wish to eventually become a Nero-psychologist and writer so as to publish and give these ideas to the world to use as they see fit.

Won 1st place in 3 poetry contests.

When I was 11 years of age, I earned a full scholarship to CAL-Arts College for my musical skills as a harpist.
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Creative Writing
Website Design