Freelance Chinese Translator & Secretary

Location:Richmond, Virginia, United States
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I have been capable and willing to undertake all the tasks, which have been assigned to me. I taught Chinese to English speakers in China and taught English as a second language to Chinese students. I have dealt successfully with foreign and Chinese government officials, Chinese business people and have been very valuable in assisting in day-to-day transactions.

Working Experience

2010/03----2011/01 Trinity English School
Trinity English School specializes at IELTS, TOEFL in Yichang City, China. I taught Oral English, Listening class for students who needed to take those tests for further study aboard. I also taught adult Oral English class in the evening.

2007/11----2010/03 Freelance
As English language tutor, I taught English to people of different ages—primary students, middle school students and adults. They had different goals in their English study, students wanted to pass exam, adults wanted to able communicate in English in work. According to what they needed, I had different lesson plans for different students.

I also hosted wedding ceremony for English speakers.

2007/05----2007/10 Orient Cruise Company
As river guide of East King & East Queen Cruise Company, I arranged three ashore excursions for the travelers, guided them through the Yangtze River between Yichang and Chingqing, hosted night party during the tour. Also I was the Chinese language teacher for those interested in Oral Chinese.

2004/08----2006/10 Freelance
As Chinese language tutor, I taught Chinese to people from different countries—from America, Canada, and Australia. They were at different levels—from beginners to fairly advanced in the Chinese language. They were quite pleased with me being their Chinese teacher. I prepared examinations according to what the students had been taught.

2003/08----2004/08 Beijing Etake Technology Inc.
As editor of our website, I translated product information from English into Chinese. Also as the sales manager assistant, I dealt with PO(Purchase Order)from different countries, transportation issues, and got all the product information from overseas suppliers. I functioned as an interpreter for the company’s foreign visitors. The company was very pleased with my work.

2002/05----2003/06 Xi’an Education International Travel Service
As a secretary in this company, I had the opportunity of working in an English environment. In my daily work, I not only wrote letters to foreigners but also had other opportunities to communicate with them by telephone and in person. I used computer proficiently and did other tasks well working in the office. I also got along well with my boss and fellow workers.
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