JT Hatfield

Freelance Video Producer & Blog Writer

Location:Owensboro, Kentucky, United States
Website: http://theworksofjthatfield.weebly.com/index.html
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I am a fiction writer working on writing novels and screenplays for myself. I want to write novels and screenplays as well as direct these screenplays as a career but as of now I don't have a regular income. Ideally I will do these things to earn a living but realistically I can't expect to finish these big projects without any money for them and bills to pay on the side. In order to make these things happen I need to generate an income and the best way I can think of, to do so is to offer my talents to whomever may need them for a price. I'm new to the freelance thing but am picking it up quickly and have already developed my skills as an artist/writer creating for myself. I have a website up showcasing my short stories and poetry as well as some photography and art. I have built my website using a free website builder with graphics I have created myself. I manage my site myself along with all my social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, which I use to spread the word about my creative works as well as connect with like minded folks who in some cases I have collaborated with. So I have a good deal of knowledge and experience with social media and using it efficiently as well as running and monitoring a website. On my website I also run a personal blog that covers all kinds of topics I take interest in which can also be found on Blogger, so I have blogging experience and am familiar with Blogger. I also have a lot of knowledge and experience with Adsense from Google, ad placement, generating revenue with ads, creating and using tags efficiently as a result. Along side this I have a YouTube channel which I use alongside Vimeo to share my work in film and video. I do short films to feed my apatite for directing, shooting video and editing audio and video. I create all my own visuals and music for these projects as well. So, basically I am an artist working for himself and learning through trial, error and hard work looking to use his talents professionally to make a living and fund future projects.
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Video Production
Blog Writing