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John Thomas Dispennette

Freelance Audio Editor & Digital Artist

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
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Commercial Artist/ Production Management
Started out just having fun with art and ended up making it into a lifelong prospering.
Currently working on numerous projects of various fields of art. I have recently been doing high end work and
really get excited about bigger challenges/projects. I have an increasingly high level of satisfaction from
customers upon project completion. I am developing a kind of charismatic admiration from customers due to
my witty humor and knowledge of human interaction combined with stunning results. I began drawing when I
was approx. 5 years of age. I once resketched an entire sunday newspaper cartoon section on a summer
trip in my grandpa's RV when I was 9. Through the school years I did not draw much. I was more interested
in FFA. I was on many FFA contest teams. Most of them I was recognized as the high invidual.
When I was in high school I took Honors Anatomy and Phisiology and Animal Science classes. Those two
classes prompted me to revisit my art life after graduation. I began exploring various forms of art,
drawing/sketching, cartooning, wood art, metal art, music/percussion. Then about the age 25 I realized what
I wanted to do with my life. By the time I was thirty I had my own design business. I did a lot of logo/sign
work. Then I began to explore painting murals. I did several before I ever painted on canvas. Now I do a
combination of painting and logo/graphic artwork for individuals and corporations.The other side of the coin is
my agriculture background. I have abundant experience in farming, horticulture, golf course chemicals,
fertilizer and seed. I currently work in production/quality control and logistics for Diamond R. Learning
automated robotics and Plant building techniques. I am on a constant mission to learn.
Plant City High, Plant City, FL 1990
Graduated High School studying science and agriculture.
Work Experience
h Hard Worker, Skilled Craftsman, Commercial Artist, Construction, Agriculture, Chemical / Fertilizer/ and
Seed/ Production and Logistics, Music/Band/Percussion, Video editing, Sign Making, Automotive,
Mural artist, Canvas Painter, Woodworker, Commercial/Industrial Insulation applications and layouts,
Scale Model Layout/design and build, Personnel Manager, Good Listener
Currently working for Diamond R, Winter Garden, FL - Quality Control
and Production Management Aug. 10 2009 to Present
2003-2009 self employed commercial artist
h 1996-2003 Harrells Fertilizer, Lakeland, Florida - 1993-1996 self employed farmer 1990-1993 Insulator
1998-1990 Feed Store worker
Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint, Photoshop
Numerous Award for art, National competitor in FFA - debate team and horticulture team
Sing, dance, poetry, songwriting, percussionist
Countless hours spent donating time and artwork for various
fundraising causes
John Thomas Dispennette
My grandfather instilled a great work ethic into my young self. He showed me that working hard and making
great relationships is how to have a prosperous life. I always am obligated by his teachings. Sometimes my
grandfather would hurt my feelings to drive a point into my conscienceness. I'm glad he did. I thought he
was being mean at the time but now I realize that he just didn't like to repeat himself. I can boast that I have
a creative gene that is off the charts. I really like to use that to it's full potential.
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Audio Editing
Digital Art