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Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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NAME: Nigel Cawthorne ADDRESS: Flat D, Bevan House
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I have been a writer and editor for 38 years, freelance for the last 34. I have written more than 100 books on subjects as diverse as skiing, computing, finance, fashion, ***, war, politics, art, music, engineering, science, history, crime, literature, and American football. Titles have appeared in over 20 languages. My work has also appeared in over 150 newspapers, magazines and partworks in the UK and the US – from the Sun to the Financial Times, from Flatbush Life to The New York Trib, from Gardeners’ Chronicle to The Falklands War.

As author
Serious books: The Bamboo Cage – The Full Story of the American Servicemen Still Missing in Vietnam; The Iron Cage – Are British Prisoners of War Abandoned in Soviet Hands Still Alive in Siberia; Takin’ Back My Name – the Confessions of Ike Turner, The Empress of South America – The True Story of Eliza Lynch, the Irish Courtesan Who Destroyed Latin America’s Wealthiest Country and Became Its National Heroine; The Daughter of Heaven – The True Story of the Only Woman to Become Emperor of China; Reaping the Whirlwind – Voices of the Enemy from World War II

*** Lives series: *** Lives of the Popes, *** Lives of the US Presidents, *** Lives of the Great Dictators, *** Lives of the Kings and Queens of England, *** Lives of the Hollywood Goddesses, *** Lives of the Hollywood Idols, *** Lives of the Great Artists, *** Lives of the Great Composers, *** Lives of the Hollywood Goddesses 2, *** Lives of the Famous Gays, *** Lives of the Famous Lesbians, *** Lives of the Roman Emperors

Old England series: Strange Laws of Old England, Curious Cures of Old England, Amorous Antics of Old England, *** Secrets of Old England, Beastly Battles of Old England
Mammoth books: Mammoth Book of Killers at Large, Mammoth Book of *** Scandals, Mammoth Book of Inside Elite Forces, Mammoth Book of New CSI, Mammoth Book of the Mafia, Mammoth Book of Football Hooligans

Brief Guides/Brief Histories: A Brief History of Robin Hood, A Brief Guide to James Bond, A Brief Guide to Sherlock Holmes, A Brief Guide to Jeeves and Wooster, A Brief Guide to JRR Tolkien, A Brief Guide to Agatha Christie

Art series: The Art of Japanese Prints, The Art of India, The Art of Native North America, The Art of the Aztecs, The Art of Icons, The Art of Frescoes

World’s Greatest series: World’s Greatest Royal Scandals, World’s Greatest Political Scandals, World’s Greatest Cults, World’s Greatest Alien Abductions, World’s Worst Atrocities, World’s Greatest Serial Killers, World’s Greatest UFO and Alien Encounters

Other military titles: Turning the Tide, Fighting Them on the Beaches, Vietnam: A War Lost and Won, Steel Fist, 100 Great Military Commanders, History’s Greatest Battles: Masterstrokes of War, Great Battles of World War II, Victory, D-Day, Heroes—The True Stories Behind Every VC Winner Since World War Two, Special Forces in the War on Terror, On the Front Line—Daring Stories of Incredible Bravery of Our Boys in Iraq and Afghanistan, World At War, Spitfire, Lancaster Bomber, Battle of Britain, The Immortals, Stalin’s Crimes, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, The SS, Warrior Elite, Confirmed ****, Canine Commandos

Other crime titles: Jack the Ripper’s Secret Confession, Spree Killers, *** Killers, Satanic ******, Killers—the Most Barbaric Murderers of Our Time, The World’s Ten Most Evil Men, House of Horrors, The Kings and Queens of England, Pirates of the 21st Century, Underbelly UK: Vigilantes, Australian True Crime, The World’s Most Evil Gangsters, Lone Gunmen, A History of the Mafia, Against Their Will, The ****** of Tia Sharp

Other non-fiction titles: Secrets of Love, Loving Touch, Sordid *** Lives, Distilled Bachelor’s Degree, Sixties Source Book, The Making of The Who’s Tommy, The Making of the Stone Roses, Great Record Labels, The New Look—The Dior Revolution, A History of Pirates, Witch Hunt, 100 Great Disasters, 100 Tyrants and Despots, Doomsday—50 Ways the World Will End, The Kings and Queens of England, Shipwrecks, A Life as History, The Winning System, How to Assess Mortgages and Loans, How to Build an Airliner, How to Run a Successful Video Production Company, The Presidency, Images of the Cat, 911 Exposed, Steps, Another Level, 5ive, B*Witched, The People’s Republic of China—Dawn of a New Era, Amazing Guitars: Facts and Trivia, The *** Files, Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells

Original e-books: True Combat: D-Day, True Combat: The Pacific War, True Combat: War at Sea, True Combat: War in Skies, True Combat: Guadalcanal, True Combat: Spitfire, True Combat: Battle of Midway, True Combat: Stalingrad, True Combat: Battle of Berlin, True Combat: Omaha Beach, True Combat: El Alamein, True Combat: First Battle of the Somme, True Combat: The Gallipoli Campaign, True Combat: Rommel, Knight’s Cross, The *** Life of John F. Kennedy, The *** Life of Marilyn Monroe

Novels: Magical Mythery Tour, The History of the SS Cricket Team, The Alien Who Thought He Was Elvis

Work in progress—Mafia Crime Files, The ****** of Carole Waugh, The Cleveland Kidnappings, Prince Harry

As contributor—The Falklands War, Nam, Eyewitness Nam, The Jewellery Source Book, American Football, Tomorrow’s Technology, The World Reference Encyclopædia, Twenty-One Years of World Cup Skiing, The Channel Tunnel Fact File, How It Works, The Universe Explained, Where They Came From, Killers, Chronicle of 1995, The Encyclopedia of World Terrorism, The Complete Family Guide to Love and ***, The Traditions of Italy, The Traditions of London, Million Dollar Trivia, Key Moments in Fashion, America in the Sixties, Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution, The Encyclopaedia of Conspiracy Theories, A Complete History of the Mafia, Defining Moments in Art

As editor or copy editor—The History of Aviation, The History of Technology, The History of Ordnance, American Football, Tomorrow’s Technology, Simple Graphics on the BBC, Write a Computer Sound Program, Write a Haunted House Program, Understanding the 68000, An Introduction to MS-DOS, French Cookery Masterclass, Ken Lo’s Chinese Cookery, African House Plants, Ritzy Knits, The Print Production Handbook, Editing for Print, The Design Sourcebook, How to Draw and Sell Cartoons, Decorating with Ribbons, The Children’s Body Atlas, Readers’ Digest Dictionary of Essential Knowledge, Atlas of the Universe, King George’s Soldiers, Encarta, The Keys to the Temple, Mysteries, The A-Z of North American History, The Vaccination Bible, Sniper, The Samurai Sword, A New Illustrated History of the Nazis, A New Illustrated History of World War II, A Short History of World War II, The Grail, Arthur and His Knights

Newspapers—The New York Trib, the Guardian, the Daily Mail, the Daily Mirror, the Sun, the News of the World, the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph, the Scotsman, the Observer, Flatbush Life, Electrical & Electronic Trader, Hampstead Advertiser, Hendon Advertiser, Edgware Advertiser, Enfield Advertiser, Haringey Advertiser, Finchley Advertiser, Roosevelt Island News, The Westender, US Veteran News and Report, Barnet Press, Barnet Advertiser
Magazines—World Business Weekly, Notorious, Business Traveller, Science & Mechanics, UK Press Gazette, Magazine Week, Music Week, Studio Week, Disc & That, Stereo Review, Hi-Fi Weekly, What Hi-Fi?, Popular Hi-Fi, the D- Day Times (wrap-around), The Review, Camera Weekly, SLR Camera, What Camera?, Which Camera?, Popular Hi-Fi, Popular Hi-Fi, New Hi-Fi Sound, Hi-Fi Answers, Television, Newsagent, Wine & Spirit, Gardeners’ Chronicle, What Car?, Holidays & Holiday Homes, Holiday Haunts, Holidays in Britain, Home Improvements, Real Time News, Which Video?, Video World, What Micro?, Micro Decision, Readers’ Digest, British Airports World, Mobil News, Mobil Retail News, Nature, Total Times, Total Topics, New Health, Travel World 1985, Audio 83, Audio 84, The ISTC Banner, The Grower, Acorn User, School Computer User, Expressions, US Soldier, Intercity, Hair Flair, Airport, Process Engineering, What’s New in Processing, Packaging Today, Converting Today, Packaging Today Yearbook, Converting Today Yearbook, Electronics Today Yearbook, Leisure News, Retail Jeweller, Baby Magazine, Hi-Fi Annual, Nuclear Forum, Variety, What Diet?, Slim, Black Beauty and Hair, Root, Staunch, West Indian World, West Indian Digest, Club International, New Car Yearbook, New Car Guide, Carpentry, The Furniture Maker, Beaver, Woodworker, Income Opportunities, Video, Electronic Games, Private Eye, Midweek, Fresh, Fast Car, Mortgage Finance Gazette, International Investor, ABTA Magazine, Leisure Management, Amusements Management, Automotive News Europe, Mixmag, Middle East Economic Digest, Police Review, What Doctors Don’t Tell You, More, Investors Chronicle, Law Society Gazette, Baptist Times

Partworks—The Photo, Fix It, The Knack, New Man and Woman, The Falklands War, Input, Face to Face, Science Now, Do It Right, Space Frontiers, How It Works, American Football, Using Your PC, Country Companion, The Encyclopædia of Animals, The Elite, The Movie, One to One, Nam, Eyewitness Nam, Masters of Art, Joy of Knowledge, Wildlife, Masters of Music, Quest, Quest’s Space Special, Quest’s Magic Special, Zodiac, ****** Casebook, Scandal, That’s Jazz, Tree of Knowledge, Out and About, Insight, We The People, Science in Action, Lovers’ Guide, Wildlife Fact File, Facts of Love, Gambling, 20th Century Action Adventure, The X Factor, Space Explorer, Countries of the World
Websites—The Battle of Hastings, Pearl Harbor
Blogs – Sovereign of the Seas, *** Life of the Week

UK— BBC TV News, ITN News, Channel Four News, Sky News, the Big Story, TV-am, Granada TV, Radio Four’s Today programme, Checkpoint, Midweek, BBC World Service’s Outlook, Radio Two’s John Dunn Show, Radio Five, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio Ulster, BBC Radio Newcastle, BBC Radio West Midlands, GLR, London Talk Radio, LBC’s Nightline, The Michael Parkinson Show, Plymouth Sound, BBC Radio Bristol, BBC Radio Norfolk, British Forces Broadcasting, Wire TV, RTE, Viva Radio, BBC 24, IRN, Radio Scotland, Thames FM, Rapido TV, The Vanessa Show, Royalty Unzipped, Politics Unzipped, The ****** Century, Top Ten Duos, Divas, The Terrible Tastes of Terrible Dictators, The Hundred Greatest Actresses, The Hundred Greatest *** Symbols, Good Morning, Channel Four News. US—Channel Seven TV, Fox Five, CBS News, Christian Science Monitor TV, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, National Public Radio, The Joan Rivers’ Show, CBC, HBO and coast-to-coast radio promoting *** Lives of the US Presidents. Also ABC Australia and TV in Holland, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland, and Dutch Far East Radio

BSc (hons) in physics from University College, London.
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