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Michael A Thompson

Freelance Children's Book Illustrator, Book Cover Designer, & More

Location:San Jose, California, United States
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An artist in the purest sense, I excel at being creative. I grew up in the bay area with a pencil in hand and just love to draw. I’m thankful for the talent and wish to use it to create visually striking images. I am capable of many techniques and think my portfolio will show the wide range of my ability. My goal is to illustrate children’s books so I have focused lately on playful, emotion filled cartoons. I find much of my inspiration in nature and love displaying organic freestyle type characters. I can keep my work simple but have the patience and ability to put quite a lot of detail in to my creations as well. I create on paper, then refine using Photoshop. I am fairly new in the professional arena so my hourly rate is negotiable and reasonable, based on the project detail requirements. I’m eager to show you what I can do. I prefer not to create "evil" or "horror" images. For a more prompt reply you may contact my email directly at
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