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Jamie Rae

Freelance Storyboarder & Graphic Designer

Location:Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
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I create story boards and animatics for TV, film, and all other types of visual media for clients across the world. Aside from this, I also occasionally produce illustrations for clients.

My style is fluid and loose, but more detailed frames can be done should you need them for a client or investor presentation. I always use black ink, then wash the frames with pantone greys to bring them to life and sometimes add 1 or 2 colours at clients request.

I have a strong client base in the UK and US, and I particularly enjoy working with clients overseas as it offers me a wealth of experience from different sectors all over the world. I am always time-difference aware, and deadlines and meetings will be met with your time frame in mind - if I need to work until 11pm at night to ensure you get your storyboards for first thing in the morning your local time, then no problem.

Usually delivered as a single PDF document, with 3 drawn panels to a page. Hand written or typed annotation and direction also produced with the frames.

I'm looking to expand my portfolio of storyboard with larger projects, and also illustration.
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Graphic Design