Denise Gholson

Freelance Brochure Designer & Business Card Designer

Location:Bishop, California, United States
Phone: 760.298.0382
2 Skills
“To Give Real Service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, which is sincerity and integrity.” Douglas Adams – Author

Creating strong customer relationships is at the center of everything I do as a business owner, writer and sales professional. Over the past 20 years, I have done a variety of jobs and owned several businesses. I have accelerated sales, forged new business relationships, nurtured existing ones with exceptional results and created strong writing materials.

I have always devoted 100% to any endeavor. I would welcome the chance to work with you. I am excited by the prospect of the opportunity and potential to be a freelance writer.

I have been a writer for over forty years off and on. I am quick and efficient hardworking and ethical. I have had a few things published, done voiceover work, sales, logo design, corporate design for logos, proposals, brochures, presentation and page designs. I am creative and feel that I can accomplish what the client is looking for in a timely fashion. I am searching for the opportunity to have a position that will allow me to provide creativity to the growth of a publication or company. I currently own a bbq sauce company called Dox BBQ "The Cure for the Common BBQ!" I created the recipe, the label, the website, the names of the sauces and the tag line.