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Farley Drake

Freelance Fiction Writer, Comic Writer, & More

Location:Surprise, Arizona, United States
Phone: 602-715-4723
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I am a writer of scripts that tend to border on the strange, the odd and even the insane.
Every project, whether it's for a movie or a TV show or a comic book/ graphic novel or even a playstation game starts with having a great story.
If you have characters that are engaging and interesting, with dialogue that is fun, witty and rings true to the character, no matter how fantastic or outlandish the situation is, then people will watch or read or play longer to see what is going to happen next.
Whatever your idea is, I would love to help you make your story come to life.
Now, keep in mind, not every writer is suited for every project.
An Award Winning writer of Crime Dramas may not be suited to write your fantasy adventure or your romantic comedy.
My particular style, for example, is more bent towards the silly and the absurd.
For example:

A cross-dressing hitman

An unlikely crime fighter

A shape shifter with an identity crisis

students with super-powers attend a school for "special" kids

Send me an outline for your story idea.

Who is/ are your main characters?

What makes them tick?

What is their goal in this story?

What happens in this story?

Give me as much information as you can on your story idea and I will work with you to try and flesh out this story and create something wonderful.