Fadi Tashtoush

Freelance Arabic Translator & Article Writer

Location:Birmingham, Michigan, United States
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Fadi H. Tashtoush

Computer science / Information Technology professional * U. S. Citizen

1840 Rhodes Rd, Apt 571 Phone 330-554-4923
Kent, Ohio 44240 ftashtou@cs.kent.edu

Computer Skills: Programming Languages/Projects:
• Programming • Visual .NET 2005 (C# and ASP.NET)
• Network administration and security • Visual C++ 6.0.
• Data management • SQL server 2005
• System development, administration • Microsoft project 2003

Educational Vitae:
• PhD. Candidate at present; Computer Science; Kent State University, Kent, Ohio.
• M.S. degree, Computer Science; Jordan University of Science and Technology; Jordan
Specialty in data mining and network security.
Thesis: “Mining Foreign Symbols in Intrusion Detection Systems: LSC-CHAM
• B.S. degree, Computer Science; Yarmouk University; 2003

Training Courses:
• Microsoft Windows 2000 network and operating system essentials 2151 (30 hours).
• Implementing a Microsoft Windows 2000 professional and server 2152 (50 hours).
• Implementing and administering Microsoft Windows 2000 network infrastructure 2153 (50 hours).
• Implementing and administering a Microsoft Windows 2000 active directory services 2154 (50 hours).

Work Experience:
• Instructor. Yarmouk University, Computer Science Department; Jordan; September 2006 to August 2008
Courses taught included:
o Introduction to computer and its applications
o Introduction to programming (C+++ programming language)
o Object-oriented programming.
o Computation theory
o Advanced programming course (NET programming environment)
• Teaching Assistant. Jordan University of Science and Technology; Jordan; 2003-2005
• Instructor. Jordan University of Science and Technology, Computer Science Department; 2005-2006
Courses taught:
o Visual Basic programming course.
o An introduction to programming using C++
• Arabic – English Translator. Private translation institution, Jordan. 2003-2006.

Fadi H. Tashtoush
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Research Interests

• Parallel and distributed computing
• Data mining techniques and machine learning algorithms.
• AI and Pattern recognition.

Projects and Research:

1. Developed a distributed database replication system.
2. Designed a new Intrusion Detection System (IDS) using clustering data mining techniques named as Local sparsity coefficient LSC-CHAM algorithm.
3. Developed a new text categorization technique that classifies Arabic-language documents.
4. Proposed a new insertion sort algorithm using a single loop named as Single Loop Insertion Sort abbreviated as SLIS.
5. Built the relational part of semantic query optimizer for Object Query Language OQL using Visual C++.
6. Developed a new clustering algorithm for wireless sensor network formation in order to minimize the power consumption.

• Duwairi, R. M., Tashtoush, Fadi, "LSC-CHAM: a New Algorithm for Intrusion Detection Systems." Fourth Annual International Multi-Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology, Applied Science University, Amman, Jordan, April 5-7, 2006.
Spoken Languages

Arabic (native) English
Oral communication Excellent Excellent
Writing skills Excellent Excellent
Reading comprehension Excellent Excellent

References: Available upon request.