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StanCH Lee

Freelance 3D Animator, Drawer, & More

Location:Markham, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 6479925270
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StanCH Lee has been in the business of making things beautiful and alluring since 1982.

Starting with slick airbrush renderings of a wide array of consumer products to the current immersion in digital media, his goal is still the same - the best high quality illustrations.

Using the latest in cutting edge technology, combined with old school art sense, he is the bridge between marketeers and their prospects who seem to respond to the emotional appeal of a well executed image.

He constantly needs to feed the desire to draw. So he seeks out work like storyboards, moodboards, concept boards, Illustration, Architectural Perspective, animation.

Even scripting and directing Marketing DVD's
He has an international list of clients that include Developers, Architects, Landscape Designers and Advertising Agencies
Currently Toronto based.