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Location:Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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Nishanth Krishnan

Mobile: 09841564646

Career objective
To be part of the team and an organization, which would enable me to give out the best of me, and giving me the scope to grow both professionally as well as personally. Ideally looking for an organization where I can learn and evolve work wise to break all the conventional constraints to create unique identity for myself as well as for the organization.

Professional experience
Total Experience:11 years
• Presently Associated with Sanraa media Pvt LTd., Chennai as the Animation Team Head since (Since April 14, 2009.)
• One year Associated with Ken Creative Studio Pvt Ltd.Chennai as the Animation Supervisor (since January 2nd, 2008)
• 4 months Associated with Huhu Studio Pvt Ltd, Auckland, Newzealand as the Lead Animator (August 11, 2007 to November 30, 2007)
• Two and a half years experience as Animation Lead *** Modeler at Nipuna Services Ltd (A Satyam Company), Chennai ( December 15, 2004 to 2007 August)
• One year experience as a 3D Animator in JADOO WORKS Pvt Ltd , Bangalore
(2004 February to 2004 December).
• One year experience as a 3D Animator in MUV Technology, Chennai
(2003 march to 2004 february)
• 4years experience as a 2D Animator in Millitoon Animations Pvt Ltd, Chennai
(1999 march to 2003)

Professional skills
Applications Known

Animation & 3D modeling : Autodesk Maya, 3DSMax
Image Processing : Adobe Photoshop
Editing & Compositing : Eyeon fusion, Adobe

Educational Details
B. A
Trained in Traditional animation by Millitoon Animation India Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India.

3D Work Experience
1. Sanraa media Pvt LTd
Job Profile
working as Animation Team Head on dvd series known The 99
2. Ken Kreative Studio Pvt LTd
Job Profile
worked as Animation supervisor on dvd series known Hip Hop Fables . This project was executed at Ken Kreative Studio Pvt Ltd based in Chennai, India

3. Huhu Studio Pvt Ltd
Job Profile:
Worked as a Team Leader on dvd series known Angel wars . This project was executed at Huhu Studios Pvt limited based in Snells beach, Auckland, New Zealand.

4. Nipuna (A satyam company)
Job Profile:
Worked as a Lead Animator on a prestigious Hollywood VFX movie called First Fear . This project is being done in association with ‘4k-animation’, A German animation/vfx company.
Also worked on a number of domestic and international projects at Nipuna. This includes award winning projects like the children film ‘Belly Full of dreams’ and the animated short ‘SS Music’. Was also involved with the very popular 3d animated music video for ‘BB Boys’. Apart from these have significantly contributed towards Staten Island, an International Feature film, and domestic feature films like Ramdasu, Lakshmi and Mayajalam…etc…

And worked as a lead Animator on a dvd series known as MARVI which runs for 26 episodes for a German client in which the character, a rat is 3D & the rest are live.

5. Jadoo Works Pvt., Ltd.
Job Profile:
Worked as an 3D Senior Character Animator in Maya, with a remarkable output production.

About the company:
One of India's most spoken Animation Studio situated in Bangalore, has the credit of dealing in 2d & 3d animations worldwide,worked on a 3d animation series, named Higgly town heroes, for DISNEY CHANNEL. And on there pilot project Max and mechanics done for Mike young Production

6. M U V Technologies Pvt., Ltd.
Job Profile:
Worked as a 3D Animator on Maya , my work involves good concentration and ability to act and control over the characters done in 3D forms.

About the company:
The company is an American & Spain co-productive collaboration dealing with Animation and Effects done in Maya. The company also runs an institute on Maya.

MUV is the first Indian studio in Maya to deliver foreign work. Worked on the project Tinguaro the sun lizard and Kiddo

2D Work Experience

1. Millitoon Animations Pvt. Ltd.
Job Profile:
Starting with the field of Inbetweening department for one year, I was then shifted up to the Layout Department , which involved a good knowledge of perspectives and good drawing poses for a year, and was later on promoted to the animation department as a Key Animator for two years.

About the company:
“Millitoon Animations” commenced operations in the year 1998. Located at Chennai, It is an indo-french collaboration whose mother company is “Millimages” , located in france it leads in the field of animation by creating good quality and quantity in 2d animation. Projects included Pensabets, Red fox , Vampires Pirates and Aliens, Zoo lane, Talis and the thousand tasks , Ethelbert , Jasper the penguin and Pigeon Boy.

Good knowledge in Animals & Human drawing (Anatomical, cartoon, gestures Illustrations) Good knowledge in layout and story board(pre-production)
Illustration and learning composting and editing software’s.
A good team player, optimist, good communication & acting skills,
Passion towards work which lets me enjoy the work rather then feel it as a hard work.

Personal Details
Father’s Name K Krishnan
Date of birth: 07/10/1980
Marital Status: Married
Postal Address: 29/9 Srinikethan
Arulambal street
G N chetty road
T Nagar,chennai 17
Mobile: 09841564646

Personal greetings
I believe to become the trendsetter in animation industry, by specializing and working towards doing world-class; believable and entertaining animated content, driven by passion for creation.

Available upon request
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