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Mitchell Dean

Freelance Screenwriter & Movie Producer

Location:Casselberry, Florida, United States
Phone: (407) 227-8722
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I am a Transmedia specialist dealing with fluid media and multiplatforming! This is a new and exciting revolutionary way of delivering immersive content for media and branding!

I've been in the moving picture industry for a little over 19 years and in that time I've walked many miles in many different pairs of shoes. I began my career in the early nineties as a stunt person and a writer. Right off the bat I was able to get a spec script into the Hollywood system, but it went into turn-around. I followed up with a few story idea sales and began 2nd unit coordinating/ directing.

I retired from stunt work after nine years to concentrate on writing and directing. In the past five I jumped on board with a major production company in the Orlando area contracting as their "in-house" writer. I've handled projects of all sizes and types; major television productions airing on PBS and Discovery and the Golf Channel; internet shows for Kellogg's and MSN; programming for X-Box Live; industrial, corporate and commercial projects for The Disney Company; video game writing for The United States Department of Defense; non-fiction and fiction book writing and feature films on spec. My most recent project is a non-fiction book about Glenn R. Wilder, a famous stunt person and stunt coordinator.

My experience behind the camera is just as far reaching. I was the second unit director on a number of independent features, but more recently I have been the assistant director on major television projects for the United States Department of Defense, Golf Channel, Discovery and rich media projects. I've also worked as the creative game designer/ producer on a few video game projects.

When it comes down to it, I can say there is not a project I can't handle. I've proven this through the body of work during my 19 years in the industry thus far. Turn my creativity loose on your project and allow me to deliver...well...more!
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