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Freelance Fashion Illustrator, Illustrator, & More

Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Phone: 7703543131
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Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Stephanie Gentry has always felt the pull towards art and been inspired by creativity, culture, and the world around her. She could pick up a pencil and draw at an early age and has refined and expanded her skills since. Through freelance experience and educational training at Savannah Collage of Art and Design – Atlanta, Stephanie has explored art and fashion and has developed passion for creative projects. As a fashion designer, graphic artist, and fashion illustrator, Stephanie Gentry demonstrates her skill through means of fashion sketching, fashion design, graphics and other art forms to bring a vision to life one sketch at a time.

I am a very quick illustrator. It takes me an hour to do one fully rendered marker drawing a little less sometimes depending on how detailed it is. For water color's it takes me about 2 hours for one again sometimes less depending on the details. 10 minutes for black line drawings in marker. 30 for pencil sketches with shading. I can illustrate anything from portraits to anime, but fashion sketching is my greatest strength.