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Craig Joslin

Freelance 3D Animator, 3D Graphic Designer, & More

Location:Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States
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The waffled weave of a favorite childhood blanket washed so often it turned the color of a golden sunbeam streaming through an open window, the pitted rusty piece of metal, as well as the cause of the resulting tetanus shot, that takes me back to the idyllic summer spent working on a farm. These are a few things that I’ve drawn creative inspiration from in the past. The blanket, the bark of a tree and the pitted rusted metal, a ring-bearers pillow.
As a very tactile person I find myself drawn to an objects texture whether I am experiencing it through the sense of actual physical touch or trying to truthfully portray it on my computer monitor. I draw on both past experiences and the feelings textures invoke in me then strive to recreate the textures that portray memories but use them in an unexpected manner. I wish to leave the viewer shocked as their fingers bump the monitor as they see the glint of light and try to touch the jagged satin teeth of a saw blade. The glint of light off adding a bit of excitement to the muted sheen of the metal pillow the blade rests against or to increase the dismay they feel as the images on the screen fade away, leaving them to realize the environments they just experienced wasn’t real. Invoking these feelings as well as the caused reactions are but a few of the reasons I create.
As a multimedia designer I hope, through my creative processes, to produce work that not only influences and excites the viewer through their recalling a similar texture thus allowing them to share my vision but to make the feelings invoked a non-familiar reaction.
My Mission: To create non-traditional feeling from familiar textures, to produce art that cannot only be enjoyed visually but felt emotionally.