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Erica Bowman

Freelance Writer & Book Illustrator

Location:Jamaica, Vermont, United States
Phone: 802-688-5008
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If YOU have a creative mind, I want to work with you! I know that you have been overwhelmed by applicants. This always happens. I'd love for you to please take a peek at my portfolio and then ask me to provide a drawing/writing sample specific to your needs. This is how we will know if we are a match for each other. I promise to be quick on my feet and respectful of the process if you will join me. I am always appreciative of people who send me a quick note to let me know where I stand, because then I know how to proceed.

My chief profession is as a landscape architect, but I write and illustrate on a part time basis and am always looking for engaging freelance work. I have published articles in Horticulture, Vermont, Southern Vermont Arts and Living, and Stratton magazines. Here are a couple of non-fiction samples, one about downy mildew ( and another about heirloom chickens ( Please ask for additional writing samples. I write in a range of styles and voices.

I am well versed in illustration and graphic design and seek out projects with other creative individuals. I do realistic renderings and technical drawings on a day-to-day basis for my regular work, but love to delve into the whimsical world of free-form design where anything is possible! Please check out my website of images at I can draw whatever you want.

I have removed the post for my normal hourly rate. I think that it would serve us better to find out your intended range and then create a proposal based on your needs. Most of the time freelance writing will be billed per word and art on a per project basis. Illustration is billed by the drawing. Other work may be billed by the hour and a mutually agreed price.
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