Randy Ward

Freelance Audio Editor & Audio Producer

Location:Sayreville, New Jersey, United States
Phone: 9087054621
Website: http://www.productionhub.com/directory/view.aspx?item=210763
2 Skills
Audio Engineering or Management Position in the Entertainment/Media Industry

Work Experience
Pro Audio Sales
Guitar Center, East Brunswick, NJ 2/2012 – Present
- Professional Audio sales and consulting - Live Sound & DJ, Recording, Keyboards, Guitars and Basses

Product Manager/Operations Manager & Consultant
Brighter Ideas, Inc., North Brunswick, NJ 8/2001 – Present
- Manage day to day operations of a start-up biotech company
- Created and maintained all company websites and graphics projects & presentations, handled sales & marketing, new business acquisition, customer service & shipping duties, payroll, financial accounting, budget projections, administered professional biotech short course program sponsored by Rutgers

Audio Editor & Re-Recording Mixer
Sync Sound, Inc., 450 W. 56th St. New York, NY 4/1/1990 - 2/1/2001
- Post-production sound editor and re-recording mixer
- Provided dialog, sfx, music, ADR, Foley and V.O. recording, editing and mixing
- Analog and Digital multitrack music recording, editing and mixing
- Protools, AMS Audiofile & Avid DAW recording, editing and mixing
- Machine Room/Equipment Room Operator & Supervisor for first several years at Sync Sound

Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA 9/87 – 5/90
- Bachelor of Music in Music Production & Engineering, Minor in electric bass performance
- Graduated in 3 years with a 3.55 GPA
- Worked as assistant sound engineer for 2 years at Boston recording studio, Inner City Sound

- Professional expertise in post-production dialog, sfx, music, ADR, Foley and voice over recording, editing and mixing. Knowledgeable in use of Protools, AMS Audiofile, Avid, Mac/PC, outboard signal processors, synchronization systems, all audio and video recording equipment/formats and much more
- Live sound reinforcement engineering experience
- Extensive graphics and website design/editing knowledge
- 10 years of corporate management experience
- Extensive MS Office, QuickBooks, Photoshop, Adobe, Dreamweaver knowledge
- Home recording studio engineer - Protools
- Video Editing - Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD
- Active gigging musician – electric bassist/singer with several popular local NJ bands
- Studied electric bass with Dave LaRue (Dixie Dregs, Steve Morse Band) for 2 years
- Classically trained French horn/mellophone/trumpet player, guitarist

Randall Ward - Sound Editor & Re-Recording Mixer - Abridged CREDITS

Television Series

Oz - NBC Dialogue Editor
Beavis & Butthead – MTV V/O Record & Edit
Daria - MTV SFX/Dialogue/Foley Editor
Celebrity Deathmatch - MTV Dialogue/SFX Editor
********: Life on the Street - NBC/Court TV Foley/ADR Record & Edit,
Foley Pre-mix, Dialogue/SFX Editor
Out of the Box - Disney Channel Foley Record, Asst. Sound Editor
The Beat - UPN Dialogue/SFX Editor
Remember WENN - AMC Foley Record & Dialogue Editor
Paramour - AMC Foley Record
A Little Curious - HBO Family V/O Record
The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss - Nickelodeon Asst. Dialogue, ADR, & SFX Editor
Big Bag - CTW/PBS Foley Record
Trubbles the Cat - Nickelodeon Mixer
Aliens in the Family - ABC ADR Editor

Television Specials

The Century with Peter Jennings - ABC Sound Editor
The Century: America’s Time - History channel Sound Editor
Peter Jennings Reporting: Gore & Bush - ABC Dialog/SFX Editor
ABC News: The Latin Beat - ABC Sound Editor
ABC News: Vanished: “Lost at Sea” - ABC Asst. Sound Editor
ABC News: Vanished: “The Power of Forgiveness” Asst. Sound Editor
Photography: A Century of Images - PBS Asst. Sound Editor
Who’s Dancin’ Now? - PBS Dialog Conform & Edit
Witness to the Mob (Sammy the Bull Story) – NBC Foley Record
Player's Ball - HBO Foley Record
Best of Real *** '97 - HBO Asst. Mixer (Int'l Version)
Stolen Lives - PSA Mixer

Feature Films

“Brother Born Again” Re-Recording Mixer & Sound Editor
A Film by Julia Pimsleur

“Rxmas” ADR Editor
Directed By Abel Ferrara
Written By Kevin Bernhardt & Abel Ferrara

“Shadow Glories” Dialog & ADR Editor
Directed by Ziad Hamzeh Asst. SFX Editor

“Little Pieces” Sound Editor
Directed By Montel Williams

“Three Penny America” Dialog Editor
A Film by Nitza Henig

“Pie in the Sky: The Brigid Berlin Story” Dialog Editor
Directed by Vincent Fremont and Shelly Dunn Fremont

“Sally” Dialog & ADR Editor
Directed by David Goldsmith

“Inspirations 2: Me & Isaac Newton” Dialog Editor
Directed by Michael Apted

“New Rose Hotel” - Starring Willem DeFoe Dialog/SFX Editor
Directed by Abel Ferrar

“The Money Shot” Dialog Editor
Starring Stephen Lang

"Slam" Foley/ADR Record
Starring Saul Williams
Directed by Marc Levin

"Casanova Falling" Foley/ADR Record
Directed by Chris Kublan

"To Serve" Foley/ADR Record
Post Production Playground

"Too Tired To Die" Foley/ADR Record
Post Production Playground

"Frogs for Snakes" Foley Record
Directed by Amos Poe

"Restaurant" Foley Record
Directed by Eric Bross

"Niagra, Niagra" ADR & Foley Record & Editor
Directed by Bob Gosse - Dolby Digital

"Inside" Asst. Dialogue & SFX Editor
Directed by Arthur Penn
Edited by Suzanne Pilsbury for Showtime


The American Experience: Eleanor Roosevelt -PBS Dialog Editor
Homecoming...Sometimes I’m Haunted by Images of
Red Dirt and Clay - PBS V/O Record
Animal Families - PBS Foley Record
The Transplant Project - PBS Dailies Editor
Frathouse - HBO Asst. Mixer (Int'l Vers.)
The American Experience: Hoover Dam - PBS Foley Record


1998 Winter Olympic Highlights - CBS Video Music Editor
New Media/DVD


Metallica S&M – DVD 5.1 Music Editor
Metallica “Cunning Stunts” – VHS Music Editor
Skills (2) Rating
Audio Editing
Audio Production