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Freelance Presentation Designer & Fashion Illustrator

Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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So I've been drawing for a long time, fascinated by people, printmaking, music and literature.
For instance, art is improved by music. As C.S. Lewis suggested, after you read a new book,
read an old book; dittos with music and art that you experience. Everything influences your output, though only you may recognize it.

Digital photography, in the Ps sense (not a technical whiz) is fascinating me now. I took over
a thousand photos, literally behind the movie camera, of actors and film makers during the filming of "Under Jacob's Ladder"; quick snaps as I tried to remain "invisible" in the midst of filming. These are the "prisoner" pieces in my portfolio. The movie trailer can be found here; I would love to do huge giclees or paintings of these and have a "prisoner" show.

I keep doing weird things with photography, but long to get into some painting again.

Ingeboard Illustration, Philadelphia, PA and New City, New York State 1987-2008

Studio Artist, Saffer, Cravit & Freedman, Don Mills, 1980-1987

Award FESTIVAL OF CANADIAN FASHION First for Fashion Illustration April 1987

Art Teacher, Syl Apps, Oakville, 1977-1979
I was hired as the art teacher, designing my own curriculum and initiating “art as therapy” to maximum security youth at The Oakville Training and Assessment Center.

Art Teacher, St. John’s Training School, 1975-1977
Each student’s studies were tailored for their individual needs, with daily progress reports. My curriculum included movie-making (pixilation), photography, silkscreen and sculpture (clay on armatures and mold making ).
Although several teaching positions disappeared, I was asked to come back the next year.

University of Guelph, Hon. BA Major in Fine Arts, Minor in German 1972
University of Toronto, BA in Education (Specialization in Fine Art. minor in Elementary 1974

fashion and art experience, particularly drawing and presentation skills;
Photoshop, Illustrator: have a Mac Pro
enjoy people contact and being a good team player
driven to perfection and delivering the best product possible