anayelsi Velasco-Sanchez

Freelance Project Manager & Event Planner

Location:Washington, District of Columbia, United States
2 Skills
• 10 Years Faith-Based Community Organizing Experience
• 5+ years Employee Management Experience
• 6 years Project/Program Management Experience
• 10 years of Public Speaking Experience

AnaYelsi has been working as a community organizer for a decade now. Her experience both in interfaith and multi-issue organizing has provided her a unique understanding of the complex work involved in bridge-building and unifying diverse people around a shared purpose. The former Organizing and Programs Director for The Reformation Project (TRP), AnaYelsi is now a public speaker, consultant, writer, and visual artist.

She is also a member of the Racial Justice Institute team (an initiative of Evangelicals For Social Action), the Union of Affirming Christians, and has a weekly column for

AnaYelsi has spoken at:

Georgetown University
Mystic Soul Conference
Human Rights Campaign
Krista Foundation National Conference
Wild Goose Festival
Transform Network National Conference
Q Christian Fellowship National Conference
Why Christian Conference
and more…