Mabel Lau

Freelance Video Editor & Audio Editor

Location:Central District, Hong Kong
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I was born and bred in Hong Kong, and studied at Maryknoll Sisters' School in Happy Valley before I went to Australia to live with my aunt and to complete my high school studies. I got my computer science degree at Monash University in 1988 and returned to Hong Kong in 1989.

On my return, however, I worked mainly in computing-related jobs in small companies. Towards the early 90s, I started to specialized in webpage design, first in the HKU library, then in LegCo. I also participated in a number of web-related projects at HKU, first with the Social Science Research Centre, then at the Faculty of Engineering. In my last few years, I have finally been able to pursue my interest in documentary film-making, under the aegis of Ms.Tammy Cheung.

I have learnt the basics of documentary film-making while working with Ms. Cheung, I was given the role of Production Assistant and gradually, I was taught to be a Camera Man and before I left to join East Asia Satellite Television, I had acquired the skills of basic editing.

I worked as a video editor (non-linear editing) at East Asia Satellite Television. My main duties include dubbing, editing and sound mixing for an entertainment news programme. I also perform editing and post-production work (create openings and closing) for some variety programmes. During the course of my employment, I have acquired the necessary skills to perform editing for news and variety programmes and also learnt the process of making a TV programme.

During the course of working with Ms. Cheung, I was drawn to social-issues such as universal suffrage and the demolition of old buildings and communities like The Star Ferry and The Queen's Pier, as she has filmed several films involving these issues and I was part of the filming crew.

I have a showreel on my work on, it mainly contains my work from my employment in East Asia Satellite Television and my first documentary film which I have shot, directed and edited by myself. But due to copyright issues, my work during my freelancing period cannot be shown on youtube.

I am energetic, hard working, self-motivated and result oriented.
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