Elijah Mckenzie

Freelance Website Designer & Flash Designer

Location:Arlington, Texas, United States
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Solutions-oriented IT Software Specialist with notable success directing a broad range of corporate IT initiatives while participating in planning and implementation of information-security solutions in direct support of business objectives. Extensive knowledge troubleshooting the Windows Operating Systems environment, and other Microsoft technologies

UNIX: UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX), Microsoft Windows® operating systems from 95 on, Linux (Red Hat, Yellow Dog), Sun SPARC, Mac OS, VM/370, OS2 Warp.

Networking: TCP/IP, Novell, DECnet, Banyan, ISO/OSI, IPX/SPX, SNA, SMS/SQL, Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, VPN, SSH, SecureID, PGP, PKI, HIPPA, CFR-11.

Languages: UNIX Shell Scripting, C, Basic, Troff, Nroff, HTML, Perl, PHP. Java, .Net, C#, Visual Studio 2005, 2008. F# Flash. ASP.NET

Tools: LAN Manager, ISS RealSecure, Checkpoint Firewall, Norton Firewall and Ghost, McAfee/Norton Virus Protection Utilities, HP Open View, Network Flight Recorder, IBM Tivoli, Tripwire, Snort, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office System (including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint®, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Outlook®), Microsoft Project, and Microsoft FrontPage®. Microsoft Office 2007
Core Competencies:
Network & Systems Security; Business Impact Analysis; Regulatory Adherence; Data Integrity/Recovery; Disaster Recovery Planning; Contingency Planning; Research & Development; Risk Assessment; Cost Benefits Analysis. SQL Service Manager, Enterprise Manager, BCP, ISQL. Tables, Rules, Triggers, Views, stored procedures, most DBA functions. Custom MSDE Distributions. Design & Normalization of databases. English Query, SQLXML, Analysis Services (OLAP), Heterogeneous Queries. XMLHTTP queries, URL Addressable Queries. Native XML input / output. SQL Notification Services, SQL Reporting Services and SQLXML 3.0. Experience working with SQL Server 2005 Betas including Service Broker and Hosted C# stored procedures. Developed advanced workflow – based event notification applications using this new application platform to notify subscribers via email, Messenger and PDA/cell phone for subscribed business events.
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