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Robert Gautreaux

Freelance Drawer & Digital Artist

Location:Huntingdon/Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Phone: 07759298950
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About A R T G A U T R E A U X


I was born in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire on October 21, 1974 and grew up both in the village of Sawtry, England and the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico in the United States. I have been artistic all my life and started getting into drawing when I was a teenager, after studying art and design back in England in various art colleges I decided to take a bold step and go into business for myself. Creating new and stylish designs, contemporary in nature as well as abstract and fine art, I have endeavoured to render my art to look and feel suitable in both print form and upon canvas.

All this while taking an HND in Film and Video Production at Thames Valley University, London as I am keen about the film making process. I am also interested in Photoshop, elements of photo-manipulation, graphics, drawing, painting, sculpture, metal work and mixed media. These combinations serve me well to create lively, stylised imagery yet are poinant and, in some, hold heart-warming tones of melencholy.

With uses of Photoshop in mind while utilizing both blue/green-screen mediums, I am currently developing concept art, costume designs, prop design, model making and material for my own short films, background designs for implimentation into the video editing process. This as part of my degree and mostly because I love the energy of inventing dramatic concepts/ideas then commititing those scenario's to film for display. The same is to be said about the committment to my art.

I am a very visual medium individual, endeavouring to create what I feel is strong, eye-catching pieces of art, designs and moving images that are transferable across a selection of media.

Artist Statement

I am interested in creating interesting art pieces that would draw the eye to it if it were situated in a living-room, upon an office wall or just on display in a room as a focal point topic of conversation. I like utilising elements of photography, PhotoShop, scanning, painting, general mixed media and cannibalising them together to create a visual hybrid design. Often, I am driven by the fact that the subject I am dealing with, to me, has an interesting, almost arresting quality that seems compelling and ultimately draws me to it.

Once it is complete, scaled up 30 or 40 times the size and onto canvas or in print form it is better represented for the viewer but on a me taphoric level the moral of the piece, if there is one, is scaled up 30 or 40 times the experience.

I am endeavouring to create, design and implement visual arresting imagery that excites me on some level when I look at it and I trust in those instincts for me as an artistic person and as a person.
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