Carissa Burkett

Freelance Sculptor & Interior Designer

Location:Pasadena, California, United States
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I have almost three years experience as a Display Coordinator for Anthropologie. It was my job to create an unimagined experience for the customer by bringing dreamlike stories to life, creating an atmosphere that inspires, and enticing all the senses to be activated. The company develops stories that the product can live in. It was my job to bring those stories to life in the décor, ambiance and fixturing of the store.

-Building (both large scale and small sculptures and fixtures)
-Skilled knowledge and experience with most power tools, specifically: drill, circular saw, jig saw, mitered chop saw.
-Large scale installation
-In depth knowledge of adhesives
-Electrical Wiring/Lighting
-Composition of environments, objects within the environment, how they relate to each other, the way a person moves through those environments and how it affects them.
-Signage. Both creating it and using it effectively
-Prop sourcing Material sourcing in large quantities (everything from birch poles, dried moss, rubber bouncy balls, to crape paper, tissue paper)
-Working with and managing a budget
-Working within specific time frames/deadlines/and schedules
-Planning/sketching/visual and verbal communication with managers
-Concept research and development
-Problem solving!!!! We all know this is VITAL when working in creative fields.
-Working in any- medium: wood, found object, paint, natural materials, manufactured materials,
-Hanging and mounting artwork and lighting

-my work is repeatedly featured in company-wide highlights albums. (top images are chosen by home office and complied into photo albums)
-I have been chosen to work on store openings for the company: Beverly Hills: Store Relocation, Charlottesville VA: New Store Opening, Chelsea NY Store Opening, Palm Dessert New Store Opening.
-I have prototyped window concepts for the company that have then been sent out to the entire company as a model to follow.
-I have prototyped Holiday concept material for the company wide concepts
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Interior Design