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Gerald Fitzgerald

Freelance Drawer & Artist

Location:Stoke-on-trent, West Midlands, United Kingdom
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Gerald Fitzgeralds CV and site

ExperienceArt Director and Storyboard (previous post) for three shows for west midlands animation company working on 'Boblins', ‘Nikki of the North’, ‘Ambers Animals’ and ‘Monster School’ developing some of the designs and overall looks, all of the shot lists, layouts and final directorial action boards. These shows will be distributed for the Disney channel and Cartoon Network. Working digitally with Cintiq screen Wacoms using ArtRage, Photoshop, Painter and Toon Boom Storyboard Pro.

Storyboarder/Concept Artist for Foundation TV Production ‘WayBuloo’(a CBBC and RDF co- production). Project commissioned by the BBC/CBBC/RDF producing storyboards and production art for 54 pre-scripted episodes. Job entailed developing the Directors shot list, acting and gags for the main CGI characters from script and making the story, scripts and shots pictorially work. I designed extra props, incidental characters in keeping with the shows style and used my own initiative to iron out any inconsistencies with live action and script. The project was a 100 episodes and I worked within the preproduction. I personally contributed 54 shows which contributed to over half the overall out put of the series. In total I produced 14,000 drawings whilst solving various design problems for the team. My input ensured the successful completion of this big budget project in the target time frame.‘Waybuloo’is broadcast in May 09.

Storyboarder for ?Simon' a animation for Kelpey Films. Worked as a team member within a small group of animators developing the character designs from the Art Directors brief. This was a successful pitch for a dutch based production company. Concept Artist for ?Jungle Sam' project was another series I worked on were I developed the designs for the show including sets and storyboards. Character Designer for ?Phone Pets' creating characters for CG modeler's to build for a interactive game for kids using phone picture messaging. I was the creative lead/ art director for ?Phone Pets' and successfully designed a number of the main characters for the project.

Axis LTD(freelance) developed a PS Game advert for '**** ZONE' in conjunction with the Dutch company ?Gorillas'. Panning out the pace and acting of the render and mood/framing of the shots. Working with two Art directors in establishing the main theme shots for the advert and mood of the environmts. I helped to organise the direction of camera action and flow of the advert and the mood of lighting.

Absolute Studios. I worked on ?The Blob Heads' animation for Nickelodeon as a Storyboard/Layout Artist for all twenty six episodes. I was responsible for the camera layout for the CG and developed Art Directors designs for the on line site whilst also doing all the storyboards for the shows 10,000 Drawings. I developed a PS2 game promotional pitch for the pre-production of the animated series. Produced first storyboard pitch for ?Jess the Cat' pre-production CBBC.Freelance Illustrator (1990-present). Trained as a freelance illustrator and worked in London for clients such as; BBC Enterprises; All Books for Children; Peachtree Publishing (Atlanta); Elie Magazine; Three exhibitions and three illustration awards to my credit plus three books published.

IncludesVictoria and Albert Museum Book Illustration Award, B and H Gold Award for Illustration and Readers Digest Illustration Award - highly commended.

Skills Technical
In the different areas I have worked in have developed my skills as a draughtsman, so I can apply this to different drawing needs ranging from animation, story-boarding for film to being able to teach life classes. I have developed a number of drawing techniques that have been tried and tested with loose, strong drawing for any creative situation. With my work as an illustrator and production artist I have a wide range of experience in the creative industries, editorial illustration, children's book, comic book, illustration and art for games, internet and broadcast. I am computer literate with digital Photoshop and Painter skills and have done digital image manipulation and design for print publication.

I’m an excellent listener, can give constructive feedback and I have strong concept visualisation skills. I can develop any concept into a clear and concise visual, either digitally or traditionally. I develop ideas with hard work, skill and a good sense of fun.

QualificationsMA (Hons) Pass in Painting studio practice (major) and Illustration (minor) Modules included Public Art practice and Art Theory.
Kingston Upon Thames University.BA (Hons) 2.1 in Design for Communication Media Illustration. Specializing in Illustration, Advertising, Literature and Cinema / Animation history. Manchester Polytechnic.HND Animation Production consisted of both traditional 2D Cartooning and 3D animation involving stop motion, cell, Digital photography and CG modeling and texturing. James Watt College.Diploma NWRAC- Distinction. Foundation Art and Design. North Manchester College.Hobbies and Interests
Outside of drawing and art, I’m a great cook in Indian, Italian and vegetarian food. I love books, hill walking, music, the Smiths, films, history, Old Boy, Luc Besson, Studio Ghibli and the Coen Brothers.

Personal profile
I’ve always believed the best way to develop an idea is visually and the best way to know its right is to see it down on paper. I’ve trained as a Illustrator for many years and have been working with companies based in London, Scotland, America and Holland with international clients were I have used my skills in publishing, animation and broadcasting with great success and satisfaction. I love what I do. I currently reside in the West Midlands and have done freelance work nationally when required.
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