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Lori Monroy

Freelance Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Location:El Paso, Texas, United States
Phone: 9152404139
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Yo folks. Recently I have been working on photograph manipulation, painting replication, and studying engineering. But thanks to my siblings I have decided to put more effort into my graphic designing and artist skills. On the side I am writing a novel based on a comicbook I printed out a few years ago. After that, I am going to make it into a graphic novel. Sweet, right?

I come and live in a city that isn't big on art...or engineering...or science. I give the city kudos though in trying to get those kinds of work out where I live. They are just not succeeding.

Money I make...about 10% goes to charity, 20% to comiccon tables, and the rest is tuition, books, and hopefully the ability to move to Austin where my family is slowly relocating to and where there is awesomely a lot of jobs for scientist and artist are. I noticed that the cities hire those who live at the city first and everybody else second.
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Graphic Design