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Alan Rodriguez

Freelance Digital Artist & Caricature Artist

Location:Tampa, Florida, United States
Phone: 813-943-6715
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Drawing cartoons has always been my lifelong dream. There is nothing like the feeling I get when I draw. Creating, in general, is such a rewarding part of my life; I know I was born to be an artist. I am a character designer and illustrator with the ability to tailor my style to whatever necessary, achieving the best stories. I aspire to create long lasting, memorable characters.

I am able to contribute characters that function well within project parameters. I accomplish this by dedicating the necessary time to research and develop an appropriate look and feel for the characters from numerous sources. I believe research tremendously helps when trying to portray certain personalities and themes. So my work reflects the research of many different aspects that make up personalities, locations, and an overall theme.

Currently the majority of my work has been primarily character designs. This stems from my lifelong appreciation of cartoons. The characters I make are an attempt at telling stories visually from the action poses to the color palette. A good story is the key to making the character’s appealing, so I put all I can into my character designs in order to portray who they are. Achieving this is quite the challenge, which I am more than willing to accept and will strive to perfect.
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Digital Art
Caricature Art