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Ken Harris

Freelance Architectural Illustrator & Illustrator

Location:Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States
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Ken Harris (208)406-3095 PO Box 575, Blackfoot, ID 83221

Born April 11, 1953 Weisbaden, Germany US citizen, single, male

1972----Present, School of Hard Knocks 1971 Graduated El Camino High School, Sacramento, CA

Sept 2011-----Present, MBA Construction, Idaho
Concept Artist / 3-D Modeler I take plans, whether in blueprint form or notes on a piece of paper and build photo realistic 3-D models of the interior and exterior for our sub-contractors to use in bidding the jobs, then send to an architect to detail.
1995-----2011, Interior Finish-work Carpenter and CADD Draftsman, responsible for cabinet installation, all custom trim in high end residential construction. Also was drawing blueprints for several building contractors in local area.
1972-----1995, Framing Carpenter, began building small houses in the beginning, but within 2 years was building massive custom homes, cutting in all roof rafters by hand, doing everything from the foundations up to the siding and exterior trim.
1975-----Present, Architectural Illustration, I have been hand drawing exterior renderings of buildings, both commercial and residential, since shortly after getting into construction 30 years ago, seeing a need for drawings sometimes long before the structure is completed. Fifteen years ago I started using the computer in my illustration work, working with Sketchup, AutoCad, Photoshop and Painter. Though I learned drawing and painting by hand most all of my life, the computer has opened a whole new creative process that is now hard not to use. I have rendered the local Parade of Homes in our area for over 11 years, averaging 20-30 homes yearly. The computer allows me to work on several different projects at one time.

Photography (aerial); Rollerblading (street); Motorcycle (street); Billiards (8-ball); Modeling for Google Earth (160 models); Racquetball (competitive); Ultra-light (flying)