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Freelance Graphic Designer & Animal Illustrator

Location:las vegas, Nevada, United States
Phone: 702-582-9278
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I have over 20 years of experience in graphic design. I love the opportunity to turn someone's idea into a matter what the medium. I enjoy music production and 3D modeling as well as animation (just dabbling currently). I believe I have a knack for getting an accurate rendering of whatever my client is trying to realize. There is a sense of accomplishment and high pride when the client sees my version of their idea and they say..."WOW!" that's my goal...I'm trying to get the WOW.

I have experience as an Architectural Drafter, Patent Illustrator, Technical Illustrator, Product Designer, Portrait Artist, I have skills in the area of mechanical or industrial design so if you are trying to visualize a product that you'd like to manufacture, sometimes my brain can see the mechanical theory which would make it plausible.

I am familiar with the main Adobe graphics programs and use CorelDraw suite as well. I am developing my skills as a video editor to the level of self taught pro. If I can make it look like the impressive stuff I see in media, I will offer that service as well.

I ran the media department of one of the most successful cellular resellers in Michigan in 2000. We handled everything from television to radio and print media.