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Justin R. Evans

Freelance Website Programmer & Audio Editor

Location:Bloomington, Indiana, United States
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I want to start off by noting my biggest passions in development, which include the following:

Mobile Development (Native):

* iOS and Mac OS X development - I am currently using XCode 6 with the iOS 7.x and 8 SDKs. I develop in Objective-C and C, with a strong leaning towards storyboarding ViewControllers and Views for developing the best User Experience and application flow, as I feel this is critical before diving into the implementation. To that effect, I am a huge fan of architecting an Application in UML first, mostly with Class and Use-Case diagrams.

* Music composition and performance - I am a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, and produce my own music. For sequencing and audio editing, I generally use Renoise, Cubase, and Reaper, and the Jack Audio Connection Kit. I have experience with many DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations such as Reaper, Cubase, Nuendo and Ardour) and sequencers (Cubase, Master-Tracks Pro, Akai MPC 2000XL, Yamaha RM1x and Renoise).

* JavaScript development

Rest API Implementations:

* SlimPHP - As a micro-framework, SlimPHP allows me to determine how to structure my MVC applications. For a project requiring a LAMP environment where PHP is a requirement, I choose SlimPHP and build upon it with components I feel are most appropriate. For instance, the ORM (Object Relational Mapper) I use is Idiorm. For Databases that I design myself, I even divulge into the features of Paris as it follows the "Model" structure I generally follow in an MVC PHP Application. I love how quick and efficient it is for me to serve HTML (which my choice of templates, such as Smarty, etc.), JSON and XML from SlimPHP.

User Interface Technologies and Frameworks:

* jQuery
* jQuery-Mobile
* jQuery-UI
* Foundation
* Bootstrap
* Backbone/Underscore

Task Runners:

* Grunt - For local development, I use Grunt to script tests (for TDD, Test-Driven Development), JavaScript "lint", server-side calls to execute, CSS and JS file minification (uglify), etc., to prepare for deployment.

Version Control:

I am a huge fan of Git and the workflows that can be achieved for Iterative Development and Continuous Integration. Managing multiple releases, hotfixes and iterations can be handled with Git. My personal GitHub repositories can be found at:


The following is a list of companies that I am proud to have contributed my skills to. These include companies where I was a salaried employee, independent contractor and also working on a strictly freelance basis:

Cook Medical, part of Cook Group, Inc. (Global, privately-held organization), Senior-level User Interface Programmer (World Headquarters, Bloomington, IN)

Cisco Systems, Engineer, UI/UX Developer, Mobile Web App developer, Product Testing Lab Network Administrator, 64 bit Red Hat Linux Build Station Systems Administrator (Boxborough, MA campus)

Schurz Communications, iPhone, iPad, Android and Web applications developer (Bloomington, IN)

Crate and Barrel Headquarters, eCommerce developer and Senior User Interface developer (Northbrook, IL)

Ally Bank, Senior User Interface Architect (Charlotte, NC)

American Hospital Association (Non-profit national organization), Web and Intranet Developer (Chicago, IL)

Utopic Group (Agency), Technologist, Multimedia and Media-for-Web Streaming specialist, Web Developer (Chicago, IL) - Utopic is a Post-Production Video Editing company with a strong focus in television commercials, marketing, advertising, technological solutions for Web and Multimedia, etc., and includes fantastic talent in Production, Video/Audio editing, Design, etc.. Clients of this multifaceted agency included Nintendo, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, among others.