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Bill Crowley

Freelance Cartoonist & Caricature Artist

Location:Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Phone: 719 471-2704
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I'm an artist with an active sense of humor. As an artist that has drawn literally 1,000's of faces ( and no two alike which makes it fun and interesting )at Special Events of all kinds for many, many years, I (1) still really enjoy sitting at the easel drawing "fast 'n funny sketches" in minutes and (2) have adopted the slogan "Drawing America One Smile At A Time!". As I type this message, I am scheduled to draw at five WEDDING RECEPTIONS on the next five weekends. "Ahhhhh, love is in the air!" From the artist's standpoint, wedding receptions are really fun as everyone there is in a good mood. Bottom line: I love being an artist. Contact me when you need some humor in your advertising, or for a children's book, or to draw live at a Special Event.
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Caricature Art