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Ms. Vanessa B!

Freelance Drawer & Digital Artist

Location:West Lafayette, Indiana, United States
Phone: 3143740518
2 Skills
Purdue University, College of Technology, West Lafayette campus, Indiana
Bachelor’s: Computer Graphics Technology
Minor: Fine Arts/Art History Minor
Coursework/Area Focus:
• Raster and Vector Imaging
• Sketching and Designing for Visualization and Communication
• Consistent appraisal of traditional and computer generated works
• Technology and Art education principles

Purdue University, College of Technology, West Lafayette campus, Indiana
Master’s: Computer Graphics Technology
Secondary Focus: Art and Design
Coursework/Area Focus:
• Technology and Art education
• Spatial reasoning /cognitive skills
• Co-creativity practices
• Character development and design
• Hired as Graduate Teaching Assistant for Intro to Vector Graphics/Raster Graphics

Professional Experience
Program Skills/Graphical Applications, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe InDesign CS5, Visual Basic, HTML, ASP, PHP, CSS, C++

Graduate Research Assistant, Computer Graphics, Purdue University, August ’11-May ‘12
• Facilitated research in increasing number of underrepresented minorities
• Revised papers from several institutions to be used as research at Purdue
• Compiled data for graduate student exit surveys

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Computer Graphics, Purdue University, September ’09-May ‘11
• Taught Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
• Trusted to grade and return projects to students
• Provide coherent feedback about in-class progress and work
• Demonstrated techniques for student training and learning
• Trusted to reorganize and update course website and materials
• Provide supplemental time and materials for student resources
Digital Image Assistant, Pao VPA Building, September ‘08-May-‘09
• Trusted to scan, prep, color correct, crop, clean, modify, and replace course slides
• Required to alter and adjust images for aesthetic evaluation

Graphic Designer, Von’s Shops, April ’08-April’09
• Trusted to repair and update various projects, such as earring cards and card holders
• Beginning designs of Von’s Shops’ website
• Trusted to maintain sales and merchandise within body jewelry department

Associate, Boiler CopyMaker, October ’05-May ‘08
• Extensive knowledge/assistance in graphical programming job orders
• Assisted in training of incoming employees

Traditional Media, Pencil, Pen, Watercolor, Charcoal, Ink wash, Conte, Graphite

Thesis/Research Papers

May 2010 Undergraduate Student Group: Usability Testing
• Served as one of three members on research team, conducting and collecting research on nanoHUB undergraduate users
• Paper currently pending publication
May 2011 At Issue Publication: Journal of Science and Technology Education
• Submitted and published journal article “Art and Technology: Avoiding the Loop”
May 2011 Aesthetics, Animation, and Spatial Ability
• Compiled literature review of aesthetics in spatial ability research
May 2011 Gaming Communities and Company Feedback Strategies
• Conducted qualitative research on gaming communities in social media sites
• Defined argumentation for involvement in social media as a large company
December 2011 Eye Physiology, Brain Activity, and Spatial Learning
• Explored human capability to interpret information into memories
• Began forming potential link between memories and spatial reasoning
May 2012 Defining Industry Expectations and Misconceptions in Art and Technology Co-Creativity
• Researched potential issues within animation curricula and art education
• Highlighted expectations of industry professionals and entry-level applicants
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Digital Art