Chris Miller

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Location:Lansing, Michigan, United States
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I am a retired English teacher. I have a masters degree in English, as well as a masters degree in history. I have a PhD in communication.

I should have been a writer. But while all those around me had the courage to do without and face rejection over and over again until they gained stability and renown and impressive resumes, I was out there teaching more and more classes to support my family.

I wrote things for the university that they were grateful for and paid me nicely for. At other times I would be on committees, for which I wrote funny skits that made everybody fall off their seats laughing, including me.

I wrote things for myself and shared with others because I didn't have the time or perseverance to hang in there till they were published. You won't see these listed under my publications--although I would be happy to show you samples of how I write.

Now I have no family to support and a retirement income to keep a roof over my head. Like the AARP commercial, I need to grow up and be who I always wanted to be. I realize that "I always wanted to be a writer" is not much of a recommendation at 61.

I have taught a lot of useful things and had hands on experience with many others. I am also a perfectionist, which is helpful.
I specialize in Christian writing. I will do ghost writing or editing to fit any format, including finding scriptures to enhance lessons.
I recently wrote a 7000 page paper on binaural beats, during the production of which I accumulated a huge bibliography. I would say that I am probably the resident expert on this topic, if you are looking for short articles to enhance your website that are original and written from a scientific/therapeutic perspective.
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