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Jennie Wesco

Freelance Screenwriter, Ghostwriter, & More

Location:Northern, New Jersey, United States
Phone: 201-906-3096
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Hey fellow creators! Also be sure to check out my portfolio on Stage 32!

My name is Jennie and I enjoy horseback riding, long walks on the beach and pleasing my man. Just kidding, not really a fan of horseback riding. ;) I’ve completed my first feature film script that is currently making its way into the hands of studios looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day release, thru contacts I’ve made on the west coast. Now, I’m working on my second feature which is a dark romance drama based on real life situations and I guarantee that everyone you and I both know will be able to relate to at least one character. Looking for a provocative and hilarious, sign of the times prime time cable TV show? Then look no further and inquire within. I was hired by an idea man to write a pilot + 3 follow up episodes about struggling divorced/separated couples coping with family, having to see each other on a daily basis and moving on. It’s funny sh**. I’m moving to SoCal at the end of the year to be geographically closer and ready for when my dream of writing and creating full time becomes a reality!

Aside from the imaginative stories that I very much need to tell, I'm also a huge lover of music and write a daily Flashback Song of the Day for my friends (public view) as 'Notes' on Facebook. I cover little factoids, opinions and reviews of all forms of music and occasionally touch on a personal memory associated a song...and express how music can bring us back in time if only for a moment. Many of my posts have received mention on NYC's classic rock station Q104.3. A west coast contact of mine is currently working on turning my daily music tidbits into an iPhone app. Check it out here on!