Vanessa Richie

Freelance Annual Report Writer & Creative Writer

Location:Portland, Oregon, United States
2 Skills
I have been a technical writer for more than a decade in several different settings. I learn remarkably quickly and my researching skills are well honed.

The majority of my career has been in environmental remediation working on internal documents, regulatory documents, and public documents.

A couple of years were spent working with a software division for a state Board of Regents, which has certainly been my favorite field. This position had the most variety, from newsletters and website updates, to release and user documents.

I have held two positions working in manufacturing, one for a company that manufactures airplane parts, the other a pharmaceutical company. I created machining manuals and took pictures for the manuals (with occasional modifications to the pictures), as well as creating manuals for the division that worked in the conventional section. I also worked in the QA department and wrote procedures for ASO certification. For the pharmaceutical company, I wrote two years worth of reports for more than 15 APIs, including stability, quantity/quality, QA, recalls, and process issues.

Although I thoroughly enjoy technical writing, I love creative writer and would like to have more opportunity to employ my imagination. I write best about topics that interest me or that I feel passionate about. My sense of humor is generally nerdy, but I also have a satirical streak that comes out in my writing when appropriate. And I have to admit, I am most interested in creative writing for my freelance work.

My writing style is not for everyone. With customer satisfaction as my primary focus, I am more interested in quality. With that in mind, I really want to make sure that the product meets or exceeds expectations, even if it means doing extra work upfront or toward the end. Writing has always been something I do for fun, and I love the idea that it can help others while keeping me happily occupied.