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Heather Bloss

Freelance Anime Artist, Digital Artist, & More

Location:Brighton, Massachusetts, United States
8 Skills
I'm strongest drawing in the anime style, however my skills are not limited to just that. I've learned to take what skills I picked up drawing anime/manga and carry it over to other illustration projects. I can do very clean and detailed linework, and detailed coloring. I enjoy drawing in different styles and like to challenge myself to expand my skillset and learn something new. I have my own line of original designs under development which focus on fun, cute, and simplistic designs.

I would be more then happy to create a small sample work related to your project if the samples currently displayed aren't enough to help you decide.




10 years experience in Adobe Photoshop
8 years experience in Adobe Flash
Excellent social skills and teamwork experience.
Passionate and hard worker
Fast learner who enjoys organization and collaboration


The New England Institute of Art
Bachelor Science in Media Arts & Animation
Graduated: August 2010


-Reverge Labs LLC, Off site Clean-up Artist
Marina Del Rey, CA
-clean up artist on Skullgirls 2D fighter game, set to release Early 2012
as downloadable content for PS3 and Xbox 360

-Bluewhale Studios, Illustrator
Jamaica plains, MA
-occasional freelance illustrator work

-PublicVr, Background artist
Jamaica plains, MA
-freelance work designing backgrounds for ECOMuve
-Black Screen Studios, Project Manager/Lead Artist/Animator
Boston, MA
-Summer 2010 to Summer 2011
2011 Anime mascot Logo Design
2011 Anime mascot Logo Design
2010 Anime mascot Logo Design

-Various Anime & Gaming conventions
Character Design commission work


-New York Anime Festival 2010 Mascot contest winner
-Placed as 2010 Top 50 Finalist in Chiquita banana sticker contest
-Chiquita sticker design featured in "New York Times' August 22nd article


To broaden my horizon of knowledge and learn new skills in different areas
while meeting and connecting with new people. I enjoy listening to people's stories in an
effort to gain further knowledge, understanding, and perspective into another world. I enjoy
drawing; creating dynamic characters in fictitious yet believable worlds, as well as bringing
others ideas to live through art.